Iraqi Dinar RV News Discussion 4-24-14

4-24-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni The reprinted currency dinars are now out in Iraq. This is great news for us! Bad news for those wanting a RV. Great news for a gradual appreciation but more importantly it confirms two great things! no LOP and the dinar we hold will rise! you dont reprint existing notes for a RV…u reprint if you plan to have them in circulation for a period of time as the dinar rises. Ok, this is not my opinion, its right in print from the IMF. its great news, IMO.

4-23-2014 Newshound Guru BGG Articles about new currency aside… I have talked to 2 contacts directly (in the last 24 hours) – not a peep. They are unaware of such moves. Not being distributed yet…both with direct Baghdad access (if anyone would know – they would).

4-23-2014 Intel Guru TD The CBI is again vocal with renewed announcements of new notes printed & ready to be phased in. The CBI will act on various monetary programs to roll out shortly after elections & it does not matter what government is formed. DFI funds release date of May 22nd is a focal one to keep an eye on. The CBI has the will & might to execute and at this point has a June time table for execution of various programs. The RV, RD, RI piece of the puzzle may soon be solved

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