JonnyWG in 3S’s Chat 1-30-12

[jonnywg] Midnight different sources higher up…. weeding out the smoke…. great people on this site to confirm………………………. but .no cashin till it is posted.but looks good

Bigdog55] jonnywg as of now are we looking still at an RI

[jonnywg] Bigdog55 word is iraq applying for renegotiation but no confirmation

[jonnywg] still if they agree it must be quick

[chillimac] jonnywg with who , miss lagarde?

[jonnywg] chillimac yes imf

[flashgordon] jonnywg what does that mean and what is the timing with that

[jonnywg] flashgordon no info on timing but will be soon and will be public

[chillimac] jonnywg they have to prove to her they can cover their big rate they want?

[jonnywg] chillimac they have to agree to terms offered already

[chillimac] jonnywg jonnywg YO ROCK SIR

[diesel] Johnny are we looking at this week?

[jonnywg] diesel should be but who knows when cashing in

[jonnywg] could be a bit more could be tomorrow

[jonnywg] ok all rules so far broken…………… iraq has 72 hrs from ri to rv….. thus tomorrow noon is end.. we shall

[LisaB] jonnywg If they don’t RV by 12 tomorrow then where does this go from there?? Thanks!!

[tammy] jonnywg……one inquiry…..can u possible verify that u aren’t an overwieght, 5′ 4″ 28 year old living in your parents basement and just messing with our minds?……lol

[jonnywg] tammy tammy i am 55-60 200 lbs.. have a couple of houses…………… both parents unfortunately deceased buuuut can act silly at times lol

[bookings] johnnywg if rv does not show by noon tomorrow, will we get a ri then

[jonnywg] bookings not necessarily

[jonnywg] not necessarily means they change the rules as needed

[Cool] this is just my own opinion on what has happened so far, When Jonny told us that the IMF had implimented the RI I figured that Iraq would get off their bums and come up with a rate on their own to submit to the IMF now we hear they are talking again so it got some action started , Now we wait to see if the IMF will allow them more time or will them make them come up with the new rate in time to go live at the time the RI was set to go . Is that correct Jonny??

[jonnywg] Cool YES PLEASE REPOST

[Cool] thank you just wanted to see if Jonny agrees with

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