Kaperoni on the New Iraqi Dinar

Tonight, Kaperoni will be in the DinarAlert Chat Room at 8pm CST from an hour to discuss the New Iraqi Dinar.

Kaperoni is a respected researcher and analyst often finding “key” intel that many overlook. He has discussed in the past year …

Identifying what “delete 3 zeros” really meant.
WTO accession status.
Photographs of actual dinar symposiums held in Iraq.
World Bank participation and orchestration of the financial sector.
Parliaments actual involvement on the RV.

Kap gives it to you straight, no hype, no rumors. Just facts as he has done so well for over 4 years of watching this investment. Are you a Newbie? Tired of the day to day rumors? The RV today or tomorrow hype? Do you want the straight answers? Tonight is the night to ask him as he will take questions and do his best to give you the facts.

Please join him at 8pm CST, DinarAlert Chat Room.

DinarAlert was designed and created for one purpose…No rumors, no hype, just solid facts. You can count on DinarAlert….it’s why we named it that!…

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