Koonce Says I Told You Maliki Was Gone – Dinar RV News 9-3-14

How you Makin it Max?

I want to brief everyone on where we are at. Well as we know Maliki is gone just like I said…. We are still waiting on the GOI to form and when it forms we will be done within 2 day or before….Since this is event driven you can read the articles from there and they will tell you when the GOI plans to be put together…..Now they only thing that we can say is a back date is the 9th of Sept…. Why well by Iraq constitution Amadi only has 30 days to put the GOI together… and he will not go past the constitution if he does not put together the GOI the PM goes to the next largest block to do that…….

Now the only reason we have not seen the GOI is our own commander in chief he has done hand springs trying to keep this from going down…… he knows now that he cannot stop it or TAX you to death or keep you from getting the full value….. WHY… Because this is an International thing not US thing…. if he could have stopped it he would have, If he could have TAXED you half of it he would have, If he could have only given you a time frame to exchange He would have……… Believe me he ran it passed his lawyers that is why so much stuff has been brought into this investment…….. YOU HAVE A CURRENCY so you will be able to go to any bank and cash in after the RV…. IT will just be what exchange rate you will get….. THAT IS IT…… THIS IS NOT A MYSTERY>>>>>>>> breathe… you will be fine.

THE worst thing that can happen if you go to just any bank is get less of an exchange…SO DO NOT WORRY>>> Quit trying to get 30 dollars on the exchange Why because it will be a scam…. DO not give your dinar to anyone else but your bank or exchange facility that will cash it in…..

GET YOU A GOOD TAX LAWYER if you do not know one… I will have some at the meeting in Austin…….

When I talk of groups it is a group of people you know and that is it is harder to fool 20 eyes that it is 2 eyes take your time and get what you can…..

summary the GOI needs to form.. that is in the public eye you do not need a Guru to let you know it will be articles on Iraq and Fox news has done a good job so far on letting all of us know about the GOI…….

Again there are no 800# to line up when the RV happens go to any major bank and cash a litle it.


Check www.cbi.iq every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE……… Yes I will do a meeting after the RV…… do not worry I will send out email…..

Randy Koonce

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