Koonce Says No RV Not Yet 4-11-12

How you Makin it Max?

Just letting everyone know that it did not RV, Please check the cbi.iq when in doubt and when someone says it RV in country please get up pull up your pant legs and walk on by..

There is a lot of activity but most of it is desperation on Maliki’s part to try and get Shabibi to do what he wants. Just relax until Barzani gets back to Baghdad and then I bet we see some movement. I will be out of town there is no chance of RV until at least Monday, so breathe…..

Lots of political things happening, but you still will see the ministers and the strategic council.

Do not be fooled if you do not see the change on CBI it has not happen. I will be out of town for the next couple of days when i get back I will drop another note..

Keep the faith Randy

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