Max Gets Note From Randy Koonce 11-21-12

How you Makin it Max? Max says, “Yo Randy, what up dog? Oh, wait. That’s the wrong Randy.”

Just dropping a note to Let you know that I am wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Do not get discouraged, remember this is a political event not just an event…… That is why there is not one Date out there that matters, Not 2013 or even this week….. When you see the Nationl Meeting take place you will then see the RV….. Iraq does desire to have their GOI completed, they know about Maliki and so they will finish….

One thing to keep in mind if Shabibi did not have control on what is happening there would have been an RV already because that is what Maliki tried to do…” as far as I am concerned I do not care on whether they have complete GOI or not.” So you can see that the Plan to put the GOI together is still valid…. All the Smoke that is out there is only distractions to the purpose they are striving to do and that is the National Meeting.

Get your eyes off of dates and just on when the GOI gets there National meeting to happen.

If you expected to be wealthy without work involved then that will not be the case…if you expected it to happen overnight well that is not the case either…. If you expect it to happen in Six months well that has not been the case either so based on History of this event you cannot put a date on events to happen……

Look for National Meeting announcement

Look for the National meeting to actually happen

Look for the Ministers to be announced

then we will look for the RV………

Not until then will it happen…

If you want to Buy dinar that is fine if you look to do reserve then you are playing a game and so far none of us have won……

Breathe remember it does not matter how bad it gets over there they will eventually get it done…… I admit that it has taken longer than anyone of us wanted but it will happen…

Just keep looking for the national conference (National Meeting) this has to happen to announce the ministers, there will be no RV until the ministers are announced,,,, RELAX

Have a great thanksgiving and remember that we are just thankful to be in the greatest country anywhere.

Good Question, Next Question.

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