MIG Chat – Grashopa Says We’re In The Dinar RV Home Stretch 2-6-13

iraqi dinar valueJustwaiting said: For what it’s worth, I received two phone calls, from separate friends in two different states, telling me they received direct phone calls indicating it would happen for sure this Thursday.

One of the sources is from the State Department who specifically said, “it’s going down, get ready”! I am so EXCITED!!! It sounds like we are truly in the home stretch……
Feb 5 7:13 PM [billuke] Plowboy where was that dinarian you found, ready to jump out the window?

Feb 5 7:14 PM [hopeful2&2] how many are happy to have dinar, i am

Feb 5 7:14 PM [billuke] relax, just kidding

Feb 5 7:17 PM [RV today] this site more than others have lots to offer. i find information on whats happen in the world, thats regular news rooms don’t talk of and cool things like the sound or hear tech. not all is lost.. i’m happy

Light Hearted chat – scroll to bypass if you so choose – grashopa begins at 7:52

7:24 PM [timo] KOMO News QoD….This location is where the greatest number of arguements happen….where is it ??

7:25 PM [timo] Answer in about 20 min.

7:25 PM [sisterbreen] timo kitchen

7:26 PM [timo] My guess is at a bar

7:26 PM [cashinqueen1] anyone have that link to william shatner gun control l

7:26 PM [cashinqueen1] cherryberry

7:26 PM [sisterbreen] timo u got it

7:28 PM [Spark22] I was on midnight think tank last night Wayne the owner of the call never gives out intel but he received a call from someone he knows in Iraq and the person told him to start looking for the rv today doesn’t mean (today ) it will happen but he really thinks this is it.

7:28 PM [timo] I don’t know their answer yet

7:28 PM [jodilf] timo the bathroom – quit leaving the toilet seat up

7:32 PM [jimt] Wow!! I just caught some of that post and lost it and that was sounding good! But I must stay grounded

7:33 PM [Spark22] Which post ?

7:33 PM [jimt] Spark22 not sure who’s it was

7:34 PM [Spark22] Was it the one about midnight think tank?

7:37 PM [Spark22] the owner of a call I listen to, doesnt do guru stuff and he recieved a call last night from some one he knows in IRAQ and they told him to for the RV starting today

7:49 PM [timo] And their answer is……(drum roll)

7:50 PM [hopeful2&2] churches

7:50 PM [heartfelt] Stevel has a great post on recaps: http://www.dinarrecaps.c ··· nar.html

7:51 PM [timo] Their answer is parking lots

7:51 PM [grashopa] I’m here

7:52 PM [BOBGETZ6] grashopa graaaaasssssshopa

7:52 PM [grashopa] what a trip getting back on

7:53 PM [heartfelt] posted the wrong one but both are good: http://www.dinarrecaps.c ··· rum.html

7:55 PM [grashopa] I kno many peeps are becoming overwelmingly frustrated, and some just want to thro their hands up and get out of this investment. ……

7:55 PM [grashopa] I want to encourage those that are frustrated to be patient

7:56 PM [sisterbreen] grashopa yi[p alredy had to sell some back but it ok

7:56 PM [grashopa] where can you invest so little…………..and have the opportunity to have a great return?

7:57 PM [awty] grashopa cant wait anymore…cant hold anymore.

7:58 PM [Expendable4] grashopa one must cross a porcupine with an inked quill

7:58 PM [grashopa] if this deal is gettin to you……..just step away……….KEEP your dinar……………and wait for someone to inform you that what you invested in has come to fruition…………

7:59 PM [awty] Its not easy to just step away. Tried but….

7:59 PM [grashopa] you think you are frustrated now?????????????? THINK about how pist you’ll be if you sell out…………and our day comes…………and you are sidelined……THINK…..

8:00 PM [heartfelt] Thank you grashopa !!! Good advice!!!

8:00 PM [grashopa] I’ve been in this for 8+yrs…………one can step away re-group……and just follow your investment

8:01 PM [SassyDinar] grashopa – have you gotten same info as “I build toys…” on recaps ??

8:02 PM [grashopa] I’ve been in this wayyyyy longer than recaps has existed jus sayin

8:04 PM [SassyDinar] O… K… so what is your latest info if you can share??

8:05 PM [grashopa] b4 this site…b4 Freash’ site….b4 Bondladys site…b4 Peoples dinar……b4 PTR….

8:06 PM [Expendable4] I’ve been in 7yrs

8:06 PM [SassyDinar] I’ve been invested since 2005 also, do you have any current intel to share ????????????????????

8:06 PM [Expendable4] dang I’m getting old

8:07 PM [grashopa] mam…I don’t pump intel…….I read the REAL meat………what they have DONE….not say……where they are headed…..not the political crap. there are two sides to this deal political……and financial

8:09 PM [SassyDinar] grashopa – Sorry, must have misunderstood, from your previous posts, sounded like you know something…

8:09 PM [grashopa] but i will say this…………there is a whole world that has their eyes on this MAMOTH process not going there peeps that know me………….know me

8:11 PM [Expendable4] Good time to own stock in Visine

8:11 PM [grashopa] right?

8:11 PM [BOBGETZ6] Right what I hold….is paid for……….not leveraged I’ll line my coffin w/it…………….or you will for me Bob

8:13 PM [BOBGETZ6] Yep

8:14 PM [grashopa] what I’m trying to express here is…..be grateful for YOUR opportunity to be a part of this…..and give faith in your ORIGINAL decision to invest

8:18 PM [BOBGETZ6] If I spent as much time as some do on the chats, tying to tie any or every little thing to this investment, I would be a raginging despondent alcoholic and luatic. I am only one of those.

8:18 PM [BOBGETZ6] Dang Gras, I can’t spell either. Ragging – lunatic

spelling isnt so good

8:18 PM [BOBGETZ6] If I spent as much time as some do on the chats, tying to tie any or every little thing to this investment, I would be a raginging despondent alcoholic and luatic. I am only one of those.

8:18 PM [BOBGETZ6] Dang Gras, I can’t spell either.

8:19 PM [BOBGETZ6] I guess the point is, if you have invested, relax, do something else, and time will take care of it for you.

8:20 PM [ruthie] BOBGETZ6 hey bob, do you think we’re upon it?

8:20 PM [UNEEK] Evening Bob – maybe you can spell better than shows here you just can’t type and spell at the same time – hope you are doing well

8:20 PM [BOBGETZ6] There are some in here that I would NOT want to drill oil and gas wells with.

8:21 PM [grashopa] if ya’ll would follow the “has been completed” list of requirements for this deal to unfold………..ya might gain the relaxed feeling that i have

8:21 PM [BOBGETZ6] UNEEK Hi there cutie.

8:21 PM [UNEEK] long time no speek

8:21 PM [ruthie] grashopa thanks for answering for bob xo

8:22 PM [Expendable4] grashopa Whats left to go?

8:23 PM [BOBGETZ6] UNEEK The only place on the planet that you can make a statement and be neutered at the same time without the benefit of anesthesia.

8:23 PM [Expendable4] grashopa Whats left to go?

8:24 PM [UNEEK] I knowwwww what you mean more than you know I know

8:26 PM [grashopa] Expendable4 ….good ?……IMO….the HCL, 140, and the budget are done……..we are just waiting on the release………….and arate……..we know the LD’s ARE there………the laws ARE passed to secure investment……………

8:27 PM [Expendable4] grashopa Cool thx

8:29 PM [BOBGETZ6] grashopa Thanks Bro. You have an incomprehensible capability of remembering things which you have read and without error.

8:29 PM [grashopa] i was told the same thing today….. lmao

8:30 PM [BOBGETZ6] grashopa So, what is the outside temp now? Frozen friend, whose phone does not work was about minus 25.

8:31 PM [grashopa] God gave me a brain……it isn’t me per-se………….I give all glory to my Lord……

grashopa amen!!

8:32 PM [grashopa] it just happens

8:32 PM [BOBGETZ6] grashopa Yep and while you were being birthed, eons ago before hard drives, He implanted a one Terrabyte drive in you.

8:32 PM [xyz] BOBGETZ6 so grashopa is the frozen friend?

8:32 PM [BOBGETZ6] xyz Absolutely not.

8:33 PM [ruthie] BOBGETZ6 BOBGETZ6 eons ago, he’s that old????

8:33 PM [grashopa] noooooooooooo…..not me

8:33 PM [BOBGETZ6] xyz Gras would no longer be green.

8:34 PM [Lauren305] BOBGETZ6 hi Bob!!! Goood evening fellow MIGians. How is everyone tonight? and is there still no RV?

8:35 PM [ruthie] peganded hey… it’s on its way…..

8:36 PM [Lauren305] peganded seems not yet…. almost. soon. that’s a direct quote from hopeful2&2 and hardtorecall.

8:36 PM [peganded] ruthie wow! thanx!

8:36 PM [Lauren305] peganded oh stop bragging!. I’m sure Peg would tell us different…

8:42 PM [bookings] Hello mr Bobgets ,how is everyone. Haven’t been on for a long time. thought I would check in and say hello.

8:43 PM [ruthie] bookings bookings hey girl!

8:43 PM [BOBGETZ6] bookings Howdy Mam

8:43 PM [grashopa] bookings ………..me either………cool that you showed up too

8:43 PM [bookings] grashopa grashopa thnks

8:43 PM [BOBGETZ6] Lauren305 Maybe you could show Gras and I the town.

8:44 PM [oucrazy] bookings . . . hey, bookings. . . long time. . ..

8:44 PM [BOBGETZ6] bookings Oh Yeah. I am invested and waiting.

8:44 PM [grashopa] bookings …I have him by the ear…..

8:57 PM [valygirl5] RV IS ALMOST HERE. Saturday, 02 February, 2013 UN’s to release Iraq from CH VII WITH CONDITION TO RV 2-4-2013 The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT of BANKING and Finance Ministry: “the DINAR traded in global financial directory sites on the recovery of the currency and that there is a future for the Iraqi dinar and would SOON RETURN to what it was before 1980 BECAUSE of the GLOBAL DEMAND in the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS”. 05 February 2013 Iraqi Dinar Could Rise as Much as 15% in the coming month. Source: Iraqi Cabinet) General Secretariat of Iraq’s Council of Ministers has ruled out the replacement of the currency or cancellation of three zeros “at this stage”, and it is seeking to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar. 2-5-2013 Washington TIMES newspaper: Iraq will be the largest in the world oil power.

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