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[millionday] Revealed at a time when the National Alliance for intensive meetings will be held next week, Kurdish sources said that the President will call for a meeting immediately after his return from an extended trip therapeutic. The Search House Speaker Osama Najafi in his office yesterday with U.S. Vice President Advisor Tony Pellnkn subject of political reforms, where Najafi said the need for a real reform for the development of the political situation in Iraq, accompanied by legal guarantees through the enactment of the in the House required the political parties and the authorities of political reforms. And knowledge “Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network” last week, said the paper will be to reform the national vote in the event of Parliament agreed to become enforceable, as the source revealed about the possibility of early parliamentary vote on the paper reform to become a working paper,

[millionday] citing it as was voted on several political decisions during the past and present, especially in the first session for the current session, stressing at the same time that the orientation of the vote on the paper in the parliament is healthy and even people to know what includes, and is the entity that seeks to reform and the party that works to disrupt the democratic process. Najafi said, according to a statement received “morning,” a copy of it: “We have to put a time limit for reforms so that the political parties to give positive signals to the people on the issue of reforms.” For his part, touched Advisor U.S. Vice President to file the election and the importance of the completion of the formation of the Electoral Commission,

[millionday] where he stressed the need to involve Najafi components especially the Turkmen and Christians in the composition of the Electoral Commission and the provincial elections law will find a way to acknowledge the soon. He also stressed the American side that the United States stands on one level of all political parties and strongly supports the democratic transition in Iraq. And the National Alliance to continue his meetings with leaders of political blocs in a move to develop a common view and a paper reform accepted by the main parties in the political process of starting a project to reform and building a civil state. Sources for political “Center for Brief Iraqi Media Network” for President of the Republic went to the political parties to call a round table event of his return to Baghdad to emphasize the dialogue and the National Conference.

[millionday] And well-informed sources told the “Center for Brief network Iraqi media, “the most important developments and the political movement and the leaders’ meetings, where sources said that the National Alliance will hold intensive meetings last week. sources revealed the existence of disagreement and some of the problems within the National Alliance on some items and paper reforms, especially question of the mandate of the three presidencies. She said the “paper reform has been completed, but it needs some finishing touches,” asserting that the National Alliance with the political blocs agreed that the reform project alternative interrogation, because the clusters that alluded to by the files or do not have to condemn the irregularities Prime Minister.

[millionday] declared leader of the National Alliance, said the paper prepared by the reform bloc includes 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees, as the MP said Shirwan Waeli for” Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network “: that “The National Alliance is seeking to gain the approval of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List to complete the picture or the reform project.” The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said in a statement to “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network,” that “President Jalal Talabani, was still insisting on dialogue

[millionday] Uthman said: He (Talabani) continue its efforts to bring the parties to discuss the points of contention to find solutions and agreements to emerge from the crisis. In turn, said a member of a coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, that the National Alliance began the implementation of the reformist project through meetings with the rest of the parliamentary blocs. He said al-Bayati’s “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network,” said Chairman of the Reform Committee, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari had recently received a number of representatives of the main blocs and briefed them on the reform project, confirming the presence of good initial response of those blocks, although it still has some concerns, anxiety and questions about certain topics.

[millionday] Al-Bayati said that “the reform project started to move the only option available,” asserting the existence of three options, the first work on the success of the reform project through national dialogue, which begins bilaterally, and expanding, while the second option is to keep the crisis break us and deplete the capacity of the country and lead him to the paralysis, while the third option is to go to early elections to the reproduction of the painting parliamentary and political map, considering that the last option is one of the best solutions and maintained by the National Alliance . the center of this picture, the House of Representatives announced the decision of Muhammad Al-Khalidi said there was no time limit so far for questioning your Prime Minister to the Presidency of the Council for the purpose of deciding it.

[millionday] He said Khalidi’s “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network”: that “the Iraqi List, and despite the belief in the importance of the reform process and abuse with any practical solutions that could lead to it, but it did not stop the project questioning, noting that there are new files still being reviewed by the committee in charge of it, which will necessarily lead to a delay in applying the interrogation.

[millionday] so this is wow

[millionday] talabani returning and thwe blocks are agreeing on most all points and are preparing for a massive meeting as soon as he hits sand

[millionday] this is great

[millionday] the reforms they speak of that have been implemented are not released

[millionday] the timeline they have has been brought up again so that is obviously a true report we had a couple days ago

[millionday] the political movement is very inspiring

[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] Revealed at a time when the National Alliance for intensive meetings will be held next week, Kurdish sources said that the President will call for a meeting immediately after his return from an extended trip therapeutic.

[millionday] so glad we dont have that nightmare on elm street to go through with him leaving

[millionday] brb

[millionday] Commission decided in the cabinet to change its own by the ministries and government agencies to accept instruments issued by private banks $ 25 million of transactions at a higher procedural rather than 5 million dinars. This came during the twentieth session of the Economic Commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Economic Commission Ruz Nuri Shaways. Learned economic morning from a source authorized in the Commission that the meeting approved the amendment to the Economic Commission, which provided for (by the ministries and government agencies to accept instruments certified issued by private banks at $ (25) million dinars up to a maximum of transactions of Procedure) after it was (5) million dinars .

[millionday] He told the source authorized that the meeting approved the draft instructions and implementation of government contracts and submit them to the cabinet for approval, containing the new instructions in order to ensure transparency in the contracting procedures was addressed in the draft new instructions for the assignment of the presidency and membership of committees of the opening and analysis to the staff of advanced degrees in the career ladder on the contrary of instructions in force, was shortened sentences based on the documentary in a clear and accurate make it easier for contracting parties to easily identify the procedures for the documentary based on the reverse instructions in force. Were members of a special separate deal with contracts for advisory services and methods of contract where the requirements and

[millionday] for advisory services and methods of contract where the requirements and conditions of the contract within this style, in addition to what is stated in the above came the new regulations new provisions were not present in the Help window or dealt with the impasse that existed in the provisions of the Help window has been exemption sober companies and public companies to purchase the tender documents and submit them for free. Was set special conditions in the case of receipt of a single tender in direct advocacy and accept his analysis and assignment, was also under the project raised for the upper limit for the declaration and which were (60) days in the Help window and become open is determined by the importance of the contract and the discretion of the President on the contract.

[millionday] this is a change in regulations and that is what they have been working on with the legislative changes —

[millionday] The Ministry of Interior procedures for examining imported goods from neighboring countries through border ports in the province of Kurdistan at the entrances of the region, pointing out that these ports are located outside the control of the central authorities. He said Undersecretary for Security Affairs, the Federal Ahmed Ali al-Khafaji, in a meeting with (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network), the issue of subjecting ports of the Kurdistan region of central authority need a political decision, noting that the ports region all are outside the control of the central government, stressing that its impact heavily on the National Security , and the goods involved which are not subject to examination and standardization and control, particularly the port (Pervez Khan), who enter through it large quantities of goods to the country.

[millionday] He indicated that it has to address the concerned authorities in Iran not be allowed to enter their goods through the port (Pervez Khan) practiced by some evasion of payment of taxes and to introduce material illegally, revealing that the government agreed to set up checkpoints to inspect incoming goods at the entrances of the Kurdistan region extending to the the depth of the country. and declared al-Khafaji, on the transfer of three outlets border is (Shalamjah) and (Zurbatiyah) and (newborn) to the execution pending the opening of the tenders by the end of this month, explaining that the new outlets will include hotels and integrated services, in addition to providing all the requirements of the success of the work of customs officers port including reflected positively in the accuracy and speed of the procedures followed in the introduction of imported goods,

[millionday] indicating that the land ports managed by the Ministry of the Interior as will be managed, sea and air, including by the Ministry of Transport. and on the impact of the conflict in Syria on Iraq, said al-Khafaji had been taking precautionary measures in anticipation of any developments or displaced Syrian has been promoting the border to prevent smuggling and exploitation of the situation with Syria, adding that the displacement in the definitive Dahuk is under the supervision of the United Nations, where he was received more than a thousand Syrian refugees so far, considering that the percentage of border security in general regarding the extent of positive relations with neighboring countries, which promise good thanks to the wise policy pursued by the government and through liaison officers with those countries. and

[millionday] on the responsibility of the body that granted the approval of the introduction of the goods or not, said Undersecretary for Security Affairs, the federal ports can not hold circuits in the port, other than those of the Ministry of interior, where there is no authority to hold them accountable, demanding full powers of the transfer of the enrollee or punish him to be a deterrent to curb corruption, saying that the work of customs is not the level of ambition, based in the existence of corruption and pressure put on officials outlets for contravention of instructions committed constituencies, especially the customs, the most prominent issue guessing on goods entering the port, adding that the port is comprised of representatives from the ministries of finance, health,

millionday] agriculture, trade and who apply the instructions issued by and visited, with limited responsibility for the presidency of the port there is no bribery or corruption in the port as a whole to ensure the smooth flow of work within the port, emphasizing pursuit of the ministry to make corruption sharply minimum, pointing out that the appointment of managers is not a border crossing points of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior. He stressed that the follow-up continues on a regular basis for border ports to prevent any cases of violation or infringement of visitors, stressing that the agency formed an investigative committee on the background of delay number of visitors the Saudis and Bahrainis for hours and subjected to extortion and demands for payment of sums of money by those on the port, stressing that he will take firm action against all those involved in any extortion or demand bribes from citizens or visitors, the fact that the port is an interface for visitors to Iraq, according to the recipe.

[millionday] so it is pretty obvious that the news that customs and taxation being postponed is false

[millionday] it is true that many read this and bring this and dont really care where it comes from but as long as it is reading to support what they think — the thing is that the source matters

[millionday] the kurds will have two swiss companies and one from another with iraqis being trained in inspecting goods at their borders —

[millionday] so the results from tomorrow seemed to be revealed in the plans

[millionday] so we hope

[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] ok well i m not sure who was here but know that the ministers working hours are just cut by an hour during ramadan

[millionday] and cbi is open and working

[msbrat] awesome

[millionday] there is a new mechanism to be announced by cbi in a day or so — probably tomorrow

[mydinar100] millionday It seems a lot is happening on the positive side for the Iraqi people — I have lost focus as to what needs to happen so they can rv and furthermore do you think the people can handle it.

[hstrymknwmn] millionday do we have a hint of what kind of a mechanism?

[millionday] mydinar100 yes hun and why is that the parties are just about done and with talabani return in the next days they will be holding an immediate meeting — to ensure prep for the national

[millionday] yes hun — let me get it

[millionday] Person interested in the economic reasons behind the decline of private sector growth to the existence of several obstacles put in the forefront of failure of laws and lack of compatibility with the growth policies pursued by Iraq at the moment, at a time in which he stressed the Vice-President of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives on the importance of having a single vote is all areas of the private sector, said economic expert, Dr. Kamal Basri, said the private sector contribution to GDP is still very low, explaining that the new Iraqi constitution passed on to the national economy depends on the open market policies, while still sponsored by the state or totalitarian command economy.

[millionday] The economy suffers from distortions disappeared his true form, and in Paragraph Twenty-fifth of the Iraqi Constitution that the national economy will pursue open-market policies in a move to bolster the private sector and reduce dependence on his year, see Orbiter that the private sector still suffers from the absence of real support that can be position to reach the rest of the sectors of government, or pay to compete with imported products, and this factor, according to Vice-President of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Mohammed Salman has led to the emergence of the importance of reviewing legislation legal for the Iraqi economy, in a move to revive the private sector in particular, especially in relation to the laws of customs, taxation, consumer protection and labor law and social security.

[millionday] woohoo this rocks

[millionday] Salman said during his speech for the (morning) on ​​the sidelines of the seminar organized by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform and discussed ways to develop the private sector: the Economic Commission stresses is constantly on the importance that there be one voice representing all components of the private sector, either side of tourism or industrial or agricultural, This matter will heard voices that sector to the country’s economic policy makers in the executive and legislative branches, and then provide the maximum needs of the sector, especially the legislature.

[millionday] He Salman that all the seminars and conferences since 2003 until now has seen a number of calls to improve the reality of the private sector being set aside economically able to revive many of the facilities other development, particularly the eradication of poverty and unemployment, but those claims fell on deaf ears so far, and this called by many economists to call for a strategy-governmental organization working to promote this sector and is working to provide a suitable ground for him. In the view of economists that government policy aimed at supporting the private sector were not successful, and failed on several occasions, and this led to a migration of large-for business and capital to invest abroad, at a time when Iraq is a dire need for the establishment of construction projects and strategic mission.

[Horton] Million day all this is good news right

[millionday] oh yes hun

[Horton] T u mam

[millionday] And calls here Salman to the need to reconsider the overall economic process, and so they can be screened economic laws are careful and considered comprehensively to those laws which he said was the most disruptive to the process of development in Iraq, useful that what is happening now from the processors to some laws can not return usefulness of a large of reality economic, because the treatment is incomplete without a study. Salman asked the government to revise legislation, economic conditions in Iraq now, in a move aimed at reviving the national economy, stressing that promoting the private sector sponsor the elimination of many of the negative phenomena in society such as unemployment and poverty.

[millionday] The government is seeking to restructure a large number of companies owned by it, in a move aimed at reducing reliance on the public sector according to the map by restructuring public companies, which have been prepared by a team unit tasks of Iraq on economic reform, and with the help of the advisers in the Prime Minister , and the United Nations and the World Bank, aimed at the map that I got the morning to copy them to promote the reality of industrial hand and to increase the gross domestic product, on the other, and the project on the rehabilitation of nearly 192 state-owned company by turning them into joint stock companies, or mixed, and the pursuit of create an enabling economic environment of the private sector to expand and re-competitiveness of state-owned enterprises and encouraging them to achieve self-employment

[millionday] The head of the team restructuring, Dr. Abdul then Anbuge has pointed out (morning) earlier that the road map restructuring state-owned enterprises is a major project intended to rehabilitate nearly 192 companies belonging to the state, employing nearly 800 thousand employees, which are mostly companies parked only a card and do not work 15 percent of its production capacity, and there is a large part of those companies depends almost entirely. He Anbuge that the map is working Bashqan includes the first qualification of these companies according to economic criteria advanced and improving their performance as the best, while the second part is a quest to turn these companies are not allowed the survival of the state the sole owner of these companies but allows the private sector to own property to be subsequently converted to joint-stock companies and allowing people to buy their shares. He explained that the time period prescribed for the transformation of five years, according to the estimated budget of 100 million dinars.

[millionday] ok this is great

[millionday] this is the move of all structure to a market economy and the call for it to be done now

[millionday] they are restructuring their corporations to a market economy structure and moving legislation to represent a market economy that is in sinc with the un and world bank structure

[BobbyJ] millionday so they can trade stock?

[millionday] this is what we are doing here

[janiem] millionday -can they have a market economy without a tradable currency?

[millionday] yes they are preparing the corporations to enter their being in securities to comply with trade laws

[BobbyJ] millionday thank you

[BobbyJ] excellent

[millionday] janiem they can not with out a tradable currency and a rate that can be upheld

[millionday] that is to a global market

[janiem] millionday – that is what a thought. great news!

[Horton] Best news heard all week ty

[sisterbreen] millionday millionday millionday wowweeeeeeee

[millionday] open to the world in trade — import and export — this step has to be done so the compliance is reached

[millionday] this is the preperation for it

[millionday] very good

[clay] they have been prepin 4 yrs

[millionday] brb — going to see what else i have

[millionday] and to tell you — i will and many others will be here thursday when the un meeting takes place

[millionday] clay no hun — this is not anything they have been doing for years — this is last step stuff hun

[millionday] this is legislation folks — not sure what the gloom — but this is very good news

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