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[allinxpress] * Iraqi GDP rise by 33% in the coming years September 7, 2012 · Posted in NEWS: Dinar Currency & World Currency News · Comments Off Baghdad / follow-term Reuters reported that it is expected to grow GDP in Iraq by 33% over the next three years. and reported the agency in its publication word to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh deputy central bank governor, “that the rate of annual increase would be 10% over the past three coming through increased oil revenues. ” Adding “not for oil, in my opinion, the GDP will not exceed 4.5 percent, but the oil sector accounts for 60% of the Iraqi economy.”

[allinxpress] He continued favor “that oil adds a lot to the GDP every increase of 100 thousand barrels of oil exports a day adds $ 3.4 billion annually.” and stressed appearance of Mohammed Saleh that he “hopes to exceed GDP ratio of 10% after three years if seen sectors other outside the oil industry more investments. ” Adding that “central bank reserves will exceed $ 75 billion by the end of 2013 which currently amount to $ 67 billion if oil prices remain at their current level and exports continue to perform its functions as expected. END

[millionday] The parliamentary Economic Commission is seeking the ATM project and the Central Bank is thinking about raising the value of dinar by selling gold coins. Ahmed al-Alwani, head of the Parliamentary Economic Commission has said that the committee will address the associated authorities for starting the ATM project all over the country. Alwani has further added on Tuesday that the project which was initially conceived to work for years and help in the reception of the financial dues of the citizens, but the projects was discontinued because of the situation of Iraq. He has also said that the committee is planning to address the companies and the authorities that have been responsible for the work like building development and banking sector and providing the support experience.

[millionday] According to Alwani, this experience is worthwhile when compared to the other countries and their developments. ATM is one of the most basic parts of the modern life and especially in the banking sector and it was scheduled to start form 2008. Economic expert Akram Abdel Aziz has confirmed that the central bank is banking upon the idea so selling gold coins in the banks for the citizens and they are taking this step to ensure that the value of Dinar will increase in comparison to the US dollar.

[millionday] Aziz has further stated that this very idea of selling of gold coins to the other banks by the Central Bank is will actually help raising the value of the Iraqi Dinar in comparison with the US dollar. The dinar will be pulled from the citizens who are agreeing to buy gold coins and the lack of Iraqi Dinars in the market will ensure increased demand and tighten the supply. He has further added that according to the available information, Central Bank has planned to block 30 trillion of dinars to block the cash surplus. This will led to an increased amount of supply and less amount of demand and that increases the value of the Iraqi dinar in comparison to the US dollar.

[millionday] This whole process will also include the supply of index liquidity money in the Iraqi banks. This liquidity has exceeded 51% and hasn’t found their ways to any kind of employment. This whole procedure is going to raise the prices of the various goods and create the state of inflation in the economic market of Iraq. The sale of these gold coins will ensure that the inflation will be absorbed, the devaluation of the US dollar will happen and the price of the goods will also get reduced in the market of Iraq

[millionday] Mahma Khalil, the MP of the Economic Commission and member of the Kurdish block has confirmed that the custom convention with Iraq has concluded and there is nothing more to it, due to the enactment of the tariff in the country and it will indicate the agreements that won’t serve the national economy but actually they are creating propaganda rather than becoming professional solution. Iraq has finally signed a memorandum of understanding with the customs and its joint venture along with Iran in the conference of Non-Aligned that took place in Tehran. Khelil has said that the Federal government has refused to work with tariff that has been enacted by the house of Representatives in the year 2010
[lorijeanmarshall] OMG. this is the RV isn’t it? I know. What till after the article. LOL
[millionday] it has also stressed the desire that the Iraqi government is not going to work with the new Law tariff, rather it will work with the old law that has been applicable from the 1955. It has also been added that the memorandum of understanding the customs agreement along with the Iranian side and it will not serve the national economy unless the new Tariff Act gets implemented. It has also stressed the fact that old laws have been created on a specific time period and that is why they are not applicable at this age. That is why there is a need for an appropriate law.

[millionday] It has also been pointed out that the national economy of this day is quite different from the economic situation of the past, especially before the initiation of the Tariff Act of 1955. This act was created for trading with Iran, Turkey and Jordan and then the situation changed significantly. That is why the requirement for a new Tariff Act is being felt. Iraq is still the second largest economy that does not have a tariff law.

[allinxpress] it sounds like they are going to let the market drive up the value of the dinar.. which is not what we want right?

[millionday] it will back it not drive it

[Fresh] allinxpress I think they are talking about adding tools like gold coins, etc to allow the RV to work out

[allinxpress] millionday ok. so they have to change the exchange rate.. and then have the market back up the new rate correct?
[lorijeanmarshall] I am still of the opinion that these coins are the LD and that we are in for great news.
[millionday] they did pass the tarriff law but the one that they passed does not match the vlaue they are shooting for and the economic condition that will come from it so they are going with an earlier law

[Fresh] lorijeanmarshall my thoughts too!
[lorijeanmarshall] Fresh Thank GOD someone agrees with me. LOL

[allinxpress] millionday gotcha! is the rate they are shooting for higher or lower than the prewar rate?? lol.. … if we only knew right?
[millionday] this is also the results of what they have come with to make the rv work — very good that they are moving forward
[lorijeanmarshall] millionday I am so glad that we have you here to bring us all of these WONDERFUL articles
[millionday] allinxpress
[allinxpress] lorijeanmarshall HERE HERE!

[cornsnake64] Fresh
[millionday] thanks but i am just a part of a great team that works their butts off too my friend — hint hint — you +
[millionday] allinxpress yes — this will control the inflation and allow it to be absorbed

[millionday] Iraq’s Finance Minister discussed the uploader with the Special Envoy and energy Coordinator at the State Department, Ambassador Carlos Pascual, the economic situation in Iraq. The Ministry said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Thursday that the two sides discussed matters relating to future investment projects in Iraq in addition to discuss the constraints and problems that prevent the adoption of laws related to energy projects in the country, including oil and gas. It added: the Al-Issawi emphasized the importance of resolving the problems and accelerate the adoption of laws that contribute to improved national economy.

[millionday] The government has postponed its decision to reduce the budget of Kurdistan to reimburse the million dollar amount of money that according to the Ministry of Oil, the country has last because the Kurds had stopped exporting oil through national pipelines. According to the estimation of the ministry, the country has lost more than $10 billion and that is why it has asked the cabinet to cut the same amount of money from the budget arrangements with the Kurdish government and that arrangement amounts up to 17% of the total oil revenue of the country.

[millionday] Ali Dhari, a member of the energy commission of the parliament of Iraq has said that the decision of postponing this matter of forcing the Kurds to pay for the loss the country has sustained due to the suspension of the oil export by Kurdistan government will ensure that the two parties can get into a discussion in the future. Dhari has also added that the Kurds will be grateful to meet the conditions provided by the Oil Ministry and they have one week to respond to the situation.

[millionday] Kurdistan has finally agreed to ship the oil to the international market through the Iraqi pipelines and has also agreed that the oil ministry can collect the royalties. The dispute on the fact that the foreign firms are not getting paid enough for developing oil fields in Kurdistan region and some other issues related to the contract has influenced the Kurds to stop the oil export. There are three northern provinces, Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Dahouk where the Kurds enjoy extended autonomy.

[millionday] They have stated that any oil field development in their region is their responsibility only. Baghdad has commented that any natural resource like oil will come under the jurisdiction of the central government of Iraq.

[millionday] so this is another back of the timeline
[millionday] 1 week to resolve

[millionday] the return of President Jalal Talabani of Iraq will be in the next ten days. Masum said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} Thursday that President Talabani will return to the homeland over the next ten days after receiving permission from the doctors treating him for the stability of his health condition. And it is hoped that the return of Talabani Refinery in Germany, a glimmer of hope to find a solution to the political crisis ravaging the country through the National meeting, which brings together the political blocs on the dialogue table.

monitoring and collecting is put in place without any futher arguments — this is great

[Horton] I understood that one lol
[cornsnake64] Horton do you hear a who? lol
[millionday] and they are ready for international oil contracts + the us is there fixing it

[millionday] the return of talabani is next week
[MagnoliaBelle] millionday I read an article that stated Talabani returns to Sulaymaniyah next week…. this is a stupid question, but is that in Iraq and what relevance does it have? ty sweetie

[ROBINREDHED] Sulaymaniyah or Slemani,[3] (Kurdish: سلێمانی / Silêmanî), Arabic: السليمانية) is a city in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq.

[millionday] Embraced the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers meeting to discuss the lag in winning promotion transactions political separation. The statement said the prime minister issued on Thursday, said that the meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary-Cun ministries and provinces Rehman Isa Hassandm Chairman of UNMOVIC and the Director General of the Legal Department in the Shiite Endowment. He added that the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers stressed the need to speed up the promotion of transactions due to time constraints and expressed the Secretariat’s readiness to provide all contribute to the development of work and eliminate the problems and obstacles serve the public interest.

[millionday] MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Jihad secretary for a meeting soon will combine Najafi and Barzani and Allawi to reach a final solution to the crisis. Amin said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} Thursday that there indirectly meetings between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by House Speaker Osama Nujaifi. He added that after the completion of the consultation meetings which are underway between Najafi and Maliki will meet Nujaifi with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, to choose the right way out of this crisis.

[Rudie] millionday I’ll agree they need to speed up the promotion of transactions due to time constraints!!!
[cornsnake64] Horton hope so we all are hoping so
[millionday] Some politicians promised ongoing meetings between House Speaker Osama Nujaifi and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the most important step in overcoming all previous crises while others count these meetings just protocol meetings intended to calm the tensions and mutual accusations between the political parties.

[millionday] so the kurds and allawi have reached an agreement

[millionday] they are all ready for the national

[JMillerTexan] Alwan pointed out that “erect these new screens will total 12 screen television spread over a number of areas of Baghdad.” He said that “these screens will be displayed from which ads to raise awareness and municipal guidelines and instructions faithfully Baghdad, especially those relating to the service side and projects that are being implemented as well as the display of the most important political and economic events and sports through a live television broadcast.”

[cornsnake64] millionday they rved doing manual transaction. technology is better now though lol

[Godsalli/Jim] JMillerTexan Where was that from and when?
[millionday] that seems right along with what we should see according to some — to teach and remind citizens — hmmmm
[JMillerTexan] Godsalli/Jim Twilight news and today
[cornsnake64] millionday they cant hide the pink elephant anymore lol
[millionday] Search the governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream, with the U.S. consul in Kirkuk issue of the security situation and the political and economic development in the governorate. The province said in a statement issued on Thursday, it was during the meeting emphasized to resort to dialogue and continue joint meetings to remove the obstacles and challenges and the need to carry all the parties of its functions and support to strengthen the partnership and contribute to the security industry and serve the people of Kirkuk.
[Godsalli/Jim] JMillerTexan Ty great news… I think lol
[millionday] cornsnake64 that is so true — hadnt thought about it — very interesting hun
[JMillerTexan] Godsalli/Jim Hope so!

[millionday] He added that it was emphasized the need to strengthen the participants between private parties secured the services and improve the living conditions of being one of the most important participants among all
[cornsnake64] millionday feels likw were sitting on top of it lol loll
[JMillerTexan] Godsalli/Jim article is dated yesterday, but close enough!
[millionday] feels close thats for sure — they seem to be rushing around and getting things done
[cornsnake64] millionday they slacked off more than enough

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