Misc Dinar Chat This Morning 4-12-12

Max says, “Jefferson was a great man. I like him.”

[laurelei] Great quote of the day: I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson

[daniandquin1] Just wanted to let the Canucks know that a group of us met with a private WEalth manager from Scotia bank tonight and they are very very happy to deal with us and get our dinars!! he said that Scotia is aware of the RV situation and wants to work with us on all levels. :

[averysgrampa] Skyman agreed i think its been out of their control for a while now but i still think they have a say so in what happens, kinda like if they were all sitting at a conference table and chatting with other countries they still have a voice just not control what do you think?

averysgrampa] alexmac all i know is that eventually everyones credit runs out
and iraq is no different, their gold card is about maxed out and eventually will
have to be paid…..everyone they owe money too wants paid

[Skyman] Plowboy1 Not 100% sure, but I’d think it would be the UST is holding up the works.. The IMF and BIS have all signed off on this…

[daniandquin1] chillimac see that’s my point- if he really was the power, then he could make it happen. the fact that it hasn’t happened- knowing that he wants it to happen- says to me that he’s not the one in control. which begs the questions: if the president is NOT in control, who is?

[sixfigurenow] so did I hear that it is now O holding up things or did I get that from somewhere else

[Bald Eagle] sixfigurenow It just makes sense as to who may be holding it up! Who else has the power to do so?

[Bald Eagle] sixfigurenow Of course, I agree, no one knows for sure, but if the PTB have control, O is in charge of the PTB –Just my opinion. That and $1.00 might get you a cup of coffee

[Bald Eagle] Sparkles All the Guru’s kep telling us that there is no reason for this not to be done sooo someone must be holding it!

Skyman] cooking_queen I my humble opinion… The control of this event is not in Iraqi hands. The papers and suchhave all been signed and pased from the IMF and BIS to the UST.

[averysgrampa] Asells “this mornings schedule”;….6am to 9;30 everyone fight and argue……….9;30 to 9;45 we get good news everyone kiss and make up…….9;45 to 10;30 more fighting and argueing…….10;30 11;00 break……11;00 to ohhhhhh 2ish wait…….2pm to ohhh 3 fight more ha ha haha

drizz] cooking_queen ~ I’m confused as well. Seems as if everything was supposed to happen by the Arab Summit but didn’t – now there doesn’t seem to be any reason to RV anytime soon and impossible to tell what’s happening. Still hopeful but ~~~~ whoever is in charge just doesn’t seem to be motivated

[Skyman] cooking_queen I would not and did not say that. China is exterting a large amount of pressure on the UST to deliver this quickly. Remember that the the US is paying off some of our debt to china in Dinars and t-bills.

[Bald Eagle] Imperium What’s good for America is good for China….We are their biggest customers I think!

[owl2] drizz drizz and everyone. We should admit it…the ptb have succeeded in their campaign of confusion. This is NOT the same as Kuwait and “misdirection” is at it’s perfection point…IMO. NOBODY, especially any info gurus knows when or how much. THEY (ptb) have all the cards…!

[drizz] owl2 ~ I agree – no one really has a clue and the so-called pressure on the PTB or Iraq just seems impotent. It’s very sad for us, the Iraqis and the world.

[Skyman] cooking_queen As far as I know, Iraq has everything completed on their

[owl2] The “guilty party” imHo is actually ‘plural’. The G20 is at fault in spades! US leading the way, inspired the others to manifest their greed over the past decades and now we are all suffering. What is PROBABLY going on is the GREEDY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s are still clammoring for “best position”…sheeeee

[Skyman] chillimac Hence and interesting deliema for China. WE are the #1 consumer of their exported goods. If our economy fails, then china wil have serious export problems. It is in their best interest to keep os fat, happy, and stupid.

[gwalls] China is forcing this to their benefit and it helps dinarians by chance.

[rjg] owl2 yep, which is why it is called a speculation

go-go-rv] Goodmorning people…I was just thinking that maybe we should just all go over to Washington, DC and hang out in front of the White House with our RV signs and see what kind of reaction we would get from the right people who hold the button to push this baby out…..any takers???

Imperium] It seems there are two camps of thought about the IQD. One is that Iraq is corrupt, procrastinating or has already been infiltrated by TPTB and are orcastrating the RV to benefit themselves at the expense of Iraq, and the other camp is that of the WGS and a global banking reset. At this point I don’t know what’s real.

[rjg] alexmac really depends on who is incontrol of this rv, if iraq is in control we will not have an rv until M is gone and S has a seated GOI

[daniandquin1] owl2 IMO these conversations are important to have because it gets people thinging outside the box and questioning everything they thought they knew. only when we question can we get to the truth

[alexmac] rjg…that is what i get from what i am reading. Hopefully it is in the right hands for it to happen soon!!!

[Bald Eagle] sixfigurenow I would guess it will happen a few months before the election so that the administration can claim that they somehow caused the debt of the Country to disappear. JMO

[debneureka] Just wondering if anyone else thinks the lack of Intel could mean something good is happening….or do we think this event is stalled? I am just so confused and disheartened….

[daniandquin1] debneureka don’t be disheartened- it’s coming!!

[gwalls] Deb eureka. Mountains of intel out there. Chk out guru and d daddy. It’s all good.

[daniandquin1] gwalls yes, CAP last night said that there is suddenly lots of intel

daniandquin1] actually, the silence ofJonnywg, studley and bella etal makes me more confident: if they had something negative to say they would be here. THeir last communications were super positive and all in line with the rV happening anytime now. If they had received any different intel, they would tell us.

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