MntnGoat Is Elated 6-29-13

mountain goat“I just wanted to give a quick update to all of you on a call I got last night and another confirming the information this morning. I could not sleep all night thinking about and wanting to share this with all of you.

Its all excellent news and Iraq is still on target and moving forward. These sources have been 100% right spot on throughout this entire ordeal over the years so I am not doubting now what they say.

All you have to do it go back and read my past posts and you will see that they always bring us excellent information.

This RV is entirely in the hands of Iraq and always has been. All the other factors have been ready for a long time and now the political side of Iraq is finally catching up and reaching the finish line.

So here is what they are now all telling me:

Today in Iraq they are having a huge public meeting. In this meeting all the leaders will attend including the 3 presidents.

Is this the National Meeting we all have been waiting for, I asked?

The answer was a big fat YES ! There will be huge celebrations during and afterwards. Security is really tight in Baghdad.

Today they are going to announce the activation of the SMART Cards which will also mean to the people that the pension money, HCL money and ration money will be paid out beginning July 1st. How do they do this?

Maliki will make another patriot speech (I hate this two faced guy) and sign (once again) the Ebril agreement for full activation. Of course this is just going to be a show and tell gesture for the public since he already agreed to it back in 2010, as we all know.

Hakim, Sadar and other religious leaders will be there. Talibani and our old freind Hashemi will be there and I am told Talibani will resume his duties as president after the meeting.

This meeting will also introduce the Federation Council activation to the people and Dr Allawi will give a speech to explain that “true constitutional, representational, democracy now prevails in Iraq” or something like it……

it will be all a dog and pony show for the TV cameras…lol…You know how these politicians are. They are learning this stuff from the USA. I was told to look for a quick overview of the meeting by the BBC and the USA news media on FOXNews today.

There will be no fan fare about the currency revaluation so don’t expect to hear much about it today or anytime. But we all know once they activate those cards what happens next.

I am still being told we can expect the $1.13 to $1.17 rate before or on July 1st and then 3-4 days later the full RV to occur and at this time they then put the currency on the free float for awhile once it goes live on FOREX for international trading.

People I believe we are here at the end. As I said in my prior posts hang in just a few more days. July 1st is Monday today is Saturday. That is all I have for now. I will try my sources a little later to see how the National Meeting went today. “……. Mntn Goat


Maliki calls political sides to adopt dialogue in preparation for holding national meeting

Saturday, 29 June 2013 12:55 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) -The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, called the political sides to resort to dialogue to resolve their disputes to avert the consequences of the regional events.

During his speech at the central celebration on relieving Iraq from the UN sanctions stated in the UN Charter’s Seventh Chapter, Maliki said “We should adopt dialogue and discuss all the files overtly to prepare for holding the national meeting to rehabilitate the political tense situation and achieve the political stability and continue the reconstruction of the country.”

“After we got rid of the UN sanctions, we will head towards rebuilding Iraq politically and economically and wipe out all traces of humiliation occurred on Iraq due to the irrational policy of the Baath party,” he stressed. /End/

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