Montana Urges Patience On Dinar RV 1-23-12

[Adam Montana] ok this one will be short and sweet because I don’t know how my internet will hold out (traveling) but if I get cut off early I will definitely be back tomorrow or Friday so here we go!

[Adam Montana] It looks like things are starting to pick up pace again… FINALLY! In my opinion, we had a couple of super slow and stagnant weeks… actually now that I think about it, it’s been a good 6 or 7 weeks since anything significant was looming

[Adam Montana] Now that we’re seeing significant dates roll around (budgetary-governmental-etc), the US is done making big decisions (presidential)… well, buzz is building again and I really expect to see some bigger news in the near future

[Adam Montana] ok before I talk too long and miss the chance to take questions, kcw – if you please!

[kcw] brbrlocke I have been waiting 2 years now and I know soooo many have been waiting much longer. Could this “speculation” just keep going on and on and on and on .. or do you believe, at some point , they just have to do something and jump up and shout “Bingo ‘ ?

[Adam Montana] I think I get that question in some form or another at least once a month… I understand the frustration and the urge to just “give up”, but I don’t think that’s the way to go. Ignore for a second the political figureheads that come and go, huff and puff, and get upset about petty stuff…. and look at the big picture.

Iraq has came a LONG way since this whole thing started those that got in back then have doubled their investment if you got in more recently than that, there’s still a chance that you’ve seen an increase in your investment.

[Adam Montana] The bottom line is this – if you can’t afford to sit on them any longer, sell the dinar. Take your small gain or small loss and move on, because yes – there is ALWAYS a chance this could flop. ANY investment or speculation could always flop. Otherwise it would be called a “sure thing”, not “speculation”.

[kcw] jerry125 Is Warka alive and well or dead and gone?

[Adam Montana] Like the weather man says…. “no change”

[kcw] M.Duke Hi Adam Again thank you for all the hard work you have given to us on this site! Have you read the last topic that KAPERONI’S posted ” EP report on Iraq: Al-Maliki may either give in to protestors demand or resign NCRI – . Do you think that this will slow up or stop the RV seeing that we are so near to the RV.

[Adam Montana] If I had to read and give an opinion on every opinion out there I would never have time to form my own opinions! I can spell Dinar :tiphat: I have nothing against Kaperoni, but I don’t make a habit of reading every opinion out there… I prefer to study the news, talk to my business contacts, and make my own opinion.

[kcw] chess ADAM: What might be your rationale for the (as possibly most likely) $.10 RV?…..thanks much

[Adam Montana] Thanks for the question chess I actually wrote a “thesis” on it – if anyone can link to it when the chat is posted that would be awesome

[kcw] SnowGlobe7 Some thought it was good that Maliki was in charge…now he might be MIA….who do we want to take his place if he is deserting his position?

[Adam Montana] SnowGlobe7, good question. I am by no means a “Conspiracy Nut”, but I am a realist – Maliki is important to us, but at the end of the day he is not the only one pulling strings there and he can be replaced. I do not worry about him being replaced, because the “powers that be” will be sure to replace him with someone who will also pursue the same agenda.

[Adam Montana] We all saw how fast and far Shabibi was taken from the scene when they felt it was time to do so, and I am confident that Maliki would be replaced just as quickly by someone with the same agenda if that were to be necessary

[kcw] NWGUY Hi Adam….With all the chaos, supposedly happening, like Talibani is dead or alive, depending on who you believe. With Shabbi, out of the country. Barzani wanting to either get the Erbil done, or succeed from Iraq. Issawi being blown up. Do you think that there really is any chance, that this could RV before the end of the year? There is really a lot of things to fix, prior to an RV IMO. Thank you for all you do!!

[Adam Montana] NWGUY thanks for the question. I don’t think things are as bad as the “Sky is Falling” crowd would have you believe. I explained why in my previous answers, so YES – I definitely see a strong chance that the value will increase in 2013. How much? I don’t know. I sure hope it’s not another 4-pip move, but again… I’m prepared to wait and see.

[kcw] whatsthis I have seen articles about the EU agreements that was ratified on Wednesday (last Wednesday) I wanted to know you opinion on these articles. Today I saw one that look as if they where making a deal for Maliki to resign could be from the EU as well the head of the EU parliament said to give the people what they want or resign. So your take on all that would be nice to hear.

[Adam Montana] I’ve seen some articles that say those things, but I’ve also seen (and heard) news that conflicts it. Without seeing the exact article you are talking about, I’d rather not comment on it just to avoid any confusion.

[Adam Montana] Once I have a stronger handle on the exact happenings I will make an official report – thank you for understanding. I’d hate to make an offhanded statement that doesn’t appropriately address the contents of your article

[kcw] eburt Hello Adam – Again just want to say thank you for all of your and the Mods hard work on this site. Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems like this investment keep going around and around in circles with no ending. Every time we get close there seems to be another conflict or problem that keeps prolonging this RV. My question is are they (IRAQ Leaders) doing this on purpose to drag out the RV as long as possible?

[Adam Montana] I wouldn’t say they are doing it on purpose to “drag the RV out”, but you are correct that they are doing it on purpose If they jump the gun and pop something like this before EVERYTHING is ready… before ALL of the ducks are lined up… before EACH and EVERY T and I are crossed and dotted…. it will be a disaster.

[Adam Montana] What would you prefer? A disaster where you “almost” made money but the value crashed again, or a prolonged wait until you can REALLY cash in on a stable(ish) currency? I know which one I prefer. Smart money is patient.

[kcw] Redhorse Hi Adam, first, thank you for all you and the mods do. My question is this …. Does The CBI have to be Basel III Compliant in order to RV and if so, how will this affect us as far As the time frame. Will we be looking at the next quarter for an RV ? Thanks again.

[Adam Montana] GREAT question. The answer is NO. Being “Basel iii” compliant isn’t like being pregnant, where you either are or you aren’t. (You can’t be “sort of” pregnant!) Even the US is not 100% “compliant” however, the MORE “compliant” they are, the better their chance for a HIGH rate. Hope that helps – for more information, check out basel iii on wikipedia, there is some good information there.

[kcw] Sitkadoc Good Morning Adam! I have read recent statements suggestingsome critical movementon the ch 7 issue, with Kuwait reportedly approving an Iraqi plan set forth in that Chapter. Presumably this is a necessary and important step forward. In the same posting (Kaperoni), it was stated that there is additional evidence of a “float RV” (at least initially). Would you please comment on this information from your informed, grounded, and trusted perspective? Or (not inconceivably) did I get this all wrong?

[Adam Montana] This is a prime example of why I can’t comment on other people’s opinion. I agree that there is evidence suggesting that a float will be instated, but since I have not read the entire thing I can’t say that I agree with the person making the comments.

There is also reason to believe it could be pegged – I think I addressed that in my “Rate Thesis”, which I hope someone can link to once the chat is posted.

[kcw] uncirculd R V there yet? Have some humor Adam, we all need it now and then.

[Adam Montana] V R not there yet, but stay tuned

[Adam Montana] On that pleasant note, I am happy to announce that I made it through the questions without losing connection! I’m keeping an eye on a couple of key things that should be happening soon, so I will make surprise appearances if that happens. Fingers crossed 2013 is our year my fellow Dinarians! have a great day

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