More Cruiser Chat 10-4-12

[kids] cruiser Have u been able to confirm the use of smart cards?

[cruiser] kids u asked me to confirm. The only way I can is if I had one. I could tell you from what others have said. Yes they have.

[cruiser] rustyc are they out? YES!! are they usable is the question.

[cruiser] musiccitylady They were sent out in July. That is why everyone was so excited back then.

[cruiser] As far as Iraq goes. They are done. Period. All of the requirements have been met. HCL done. Erbil Done. MEK group done. Kuwait issues done.

[Readynow] cruiser have they been done for awhile, or just now?

[cruiser] Readynow for a while and we now have news articles to prove it

[kids] cruiser have you heard any passing of executive orders in relation to ce?

[cruiser] kids public knowledge, if true.

[kids] cruiser heard rumors…but can’t find…maybe my answer

[cruiser] kids then it is not true.

[cruiser] I hate to say this, but if you look at Iraq as completed, this makes the whole ordeal alot easier.

[okrocks] cruiser true, but some peeps need to see proof it is completed…

[cruiser] okrocks it is out there!!!

[cruiser] and has been provided!!!

[kids] Cruiser what is your take on the oil market #’s?

[cruiser] kids ready. the markets are ready. They have been since Early August.

[sananddan24] Cruiser do you know what is the hold up?

[cruiser] sananddan24 there is no hold up. It just has not happened yet.

[weneedit] cruiser is Shabibi giving Iraq people a few days to get used to the change before it goes international ?

[cruiser] weneedit Supposedly there is something out there from Shabibi that stated he wanted to give the people of Iraq one day to adapt.

[trooperb] Cruiser if u could say one thing that we are looking for or clue just before the RV or ce. IYO

[cruiser] trooperb there is none. It is just going to happen. sorry.

[dealdoctor] cruiser Please comment on the article mbillions posted above that has IQD recovering agaist USD at 1.18 or 1.19

[cruiser] dealdoctor very possible. There was talk of 1 to 1. Yesterday. But that is not an Rv. That has yet to be put out there.

[captaincaveman] DDealdoctor it appears Iraq has had an in-country

[kids] BigB I would think if government changes, then it would of been broadcasted

[cruiser] kids Not frustrated at all. Just wish everyone would read. There is soo much info that has been provided. Just not in the order. Have to put it together.

[dealdoctor] captaincaveman cruiser IF Iraq had an “in country RV” that does not take them international with their currency. What does it do for them. Is it a preliminary to RV?

[cruiser] dealdoctor tough question, just better off saying no comment.

[captaincaveman] Do the research. Read between the lines. Think outside the box. Combine rumors, Intel, and news articles. Voila!!!

[cruiser] captaincaveman very well stated!!

[constantlyabiding] cruiser I am very excited… we are closer than we have been before and all that we are now seeing that was not there before is all good news for us. IMHO

[cruiser] constantlyabiding We have been close for months. You are seeing the disclosure of what we have been told.

[BLESSME] Cruiser IYO how long until it shows for us? Cash in?

[cruiser] BLESSME I have no idea!

[cruiser] I am going to run. BBL Enjoy the day. Please remember to be Thankful to those here!!!

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