Mountain Goat Opinion Update 10-7-14

Mountain Goat says:

Update on the Remaining Minister Positions…As you know there are still two of the critical positions in Abadi’s cabinet to be permanently seated. They are minister of Defense and Interior. Currently they are being held as proxy positions by the candidates originally send to Parliament many weeks ago for confirmation. They were rejected then. I am now hearing the front runner candidates are – for the Interior is Hadi al Amri and defense Khaldi Al-Obeidi. It is all about to be settled. So what are the other delays in getting these ministers in place then? The delay, as I am told, is that they also need to clean up much of the corruption that has been involved in these ministries. Then they need to put laws in place for future prevention of this long standing corruption that has been going on.

Iraq’s Economy…Iraq’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. This is due mainly now to the funds having to pour into the effort to fight ISIS. We can see article after article on this topic. Once again we can turn to the prior Maliki administration and point fingers to the legacy he has left behind and the long road to cleaning it up. It is also due to the huge ring of corruption in his administration. There are billions of missing funds. The good news is the Kurds are boosting crude output threefold by the end of next year and are now resuming talks with Abadi’s new central government, signaling that a battlefield partnership against insurgents is helping mend ties with Baghdad…and it seems that full HCL implementation is not far either since oil revenues is going to be the savior for Iraq in the long run and it is forcing the issue. Also this past week Abadi has come out in public and clearly stated he strongly favors full implementation of HCL and Article 140 along all constitutional mandates. It will not be long. The Ongoing Budget Saga…I am now told that parliament will hold discussions on the budget this Thursday 10/9.

Sorry no RV happening today. I want to emphasize however that events in Iraq could happen suddenly and there is often a lag in sending the news west so things could be changing as I write this news letter. We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers to be seated. You know how amazing this one event is connected to so many other issues and events (i.e. security, budget and reforms implementation). They are all interconnected and like the spiders web. They are all driving each other (interdependent on each other). The RV is a byproduct of progress not a driving factor. Then when can we expect the RV? All I will say is what I have been saying all along in that we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated.

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