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mountain goatHi Everyone, Just wanted to do a quick post to help us all keep on track for this blessing about to come to.

I have to say I am not surprised to see all the suggestions as to why we have to wait so long. Actually they are kind of interesting and some very humorous. Funny how none seem to speak to what is really happening but funny to read. You Americans are funny people !

No it is not waiting for EID or any holiday for that matter. It never is or was in the plan. Why would anyone hold up a global plan to restructure so many currencies, pay off a war time debt for the sake of timing to a countries holiday?

No its not because Dr Shabs said Iraq wanted to have the blessing for 3 or was it 7 or maybe it was 10 days before the rest of the world so they could see them roll around in abundance, show off and tease the rest of the world with their newly found wealth.

No its not because Obama is holding it up cause he needs more time to put a new tax law into place.

These rumors come from people who know very little about the big picture and what is really going on behind the scences.

Remember when Kuwait revalued? Even if you were not personally involved you probably heard a story or two as to how it revalued in Kuwait and the new rate went international but the US banks did not get the active rate until 10 days later. Remember?
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This story was told and retold if not a thousand times a million times a couple years ago. It is what got many of us into this investment…is it not? Think to yourself as why this may have happened.

Most news rates get almost instantly posted in FOREX and show up the same day as active rates at the bank. This happens nearly most every month. So why was this so different?

So why was Kuwait any different?

Kuwait was different because they needed to devert any terrorist activities and to watch for the market reaction to the revaluation. It was to be an enormous jump in rate. Their currency was downgraded due to market fluctuations not because they went to a provisional currency due to severe sanctions.

There was also an agreement in place that the USA government would exchange its holdings of the currency first prior to any other country or even its own citizens. USA had some very large sums of the currency to exchange like in the trillions of dinar. This was in fact the main reason for the hold up back then as far as you seeing it.

The rate also needed to go international prior to the USA doing its exchange but at the same time not allow the masses to touch it. So you don’t need to wonder any longer. Oh…our memories are short.

Remember also that soon thereafter the USA deficiet was greatly reduced and for the first time in a long time the USA had a surplus? How did this happen – literally overnight?

They were able to do this because they paid down so much of the deficeit that now there was much less of the revenues (intake from taxes, tarriffs, etc) now going to pay interest on a much smaller national debt thus less interest paid and more revenues left over.

Thus the USA went from a debtor nation to a nation of surplus. This suddenly increased the financial rating of the USA and later allowed G.W, Bush the latitude to finance the war on terrorism.

The USA credit rating now soared and allowed investors to take a stake in the war. Another rule of thumb – if you want to really find out what is going on…FOLLOW THE MONEY !

This entire plan was laid out way before the second invasion of Iraq. Unfortunately this brought the USA back to a debtor nation when the second war began when the spending in excess started once again. There was much complaining from all the politicians. Something had to be said to quiet the investors.

One of G.W. Bush’s famous speeches evolved around him saying that this war would pay for itself many times over or something like that. This was a well thought out, intentional speech. The timing of the speech was perfect. It is one of those speeches that will never go down as one of the great speeches in history, but maybe it should.

Honestly I never really liked your president G.W Bush. I always thought of him as a boy in a man’s suit. I could see Dick Cheney always in the back drop. Maybe he should have been the main man.

Anyhow…this speech was done not just to quiet the politicians but to assure the financial markets that there is a plan in place to satisfy everyone…just wait and see was the real message.

There was also a whole lot of the Kuwait currency unaccounted for since they decided not to recall and issue new notes. They agreed to do the newer, more secure notes at a later date and perhaps move them out in circulation in conjunction with the Iraq dinar remove the zeros project.

I see they are now completing their project in line with the Iraq project. Yet just another good milestone for us to watch.

So where are we now with the Iraq Dinar? Why the hold up?

If you read my last post earlier this week you would now know that the remove the zeros project is well underway and moving along. Iraq has done an in country RV and it has gone international (only as far as the technical aspects go, not yet publically international i.e bank is holding and no FOREX posting).

It is now going on its 8th day of retreiving the final 3 zeros notes from the in country circulation and replacing them with the newer bills of smaller denomination or credits to the bank accounts.

I am still waiting to see the new coins issued. I have not heard about this as of yet but that does not mean that it did not happen. It is not a huge event but they are keeping it quiet. Normally there are articles that come out for such an event. Anyone see any ? They are in very good shape.

So why have we not seen the new rate at the bank as of yet?

Let’s us all take a deep refreshing breath of air. Too bad you are not here. You could take a hike with me up the Alpine and gather some of that crisp mountain air in your lungs. Oh well…

First of all we are still in that 10+ day window. Will it take the entire 10 days? I don’t know but I am told we should not expect to see the rate live until after 10 days at least and that makes August 10 our best date to begin to have a real possibility.

Remember what I said about the Kuwait revaluation and the USA “cashing out” first. Well don’t you think this is exactly what they are doing also this time.

This is the grand scheme and guts of the plan. First you rack up the debt then you find a way to pay for it. Gotta laugh.. sounds like some of us and our credit cards….lol…

So why we wait for our blessing? I need you to think about what your US government is doing right now. I mean right now during this 10 day waiting period. Oh gosh….I said 10 days!

That’s sounds so familiar doesn’t it? My oh my where have I heard that before? Could it be the same waiting period needed as with the Kuwait revaluation? Read on and I’ll tell you.

Today and yesterday and the day before your government is exchanging trillions of Iraq dinar for USD with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) for part of the USD that they are recovering from their citizens.

Folks this is the aftermath of the removing the zeros project. It is absolutely amazing how it all fits together itsn’t it? I am not making this up. This is the plan being implemented behind the scences, right before our eyes, as I write this post.

The USA gets it dollars back and Iraq gets de-dollarized. Why did the CBI suddenly go over 80 billion in foreign currency reserves? Its the holding of the USD (the money recovered from the citizens) and they are now exchanging it for the IQD held by the USA.

They are also now making some huge global financial transactions to their debtor nations as investors as part of paying off the national debt. They must pay them off in USD. They are getting this USD from the CBI. Its a huge shuffle game. Since most of this debt was incurred for the war on terrorism they are essentially paying off a wartime debt.

We should all expect some weird stuff in the global markets in the coming days. Just watch and see. It is a good time to be an investor.

The US Savings Bond Program
They do this after every war. Just look back in history and it speaks for itself. This is nothing knew only we are now involved and we the people ( I luv to say that cause it makes me feel patriotic) are now part of the investors.

We are involved and we are impacted so we now know about it. Also this post is educating you yet even more. We are direct investors kind of like they decided at some time to use the Iraq 3 zero notes like they used the US Savings Bonds in the past. Only the Bond program, as we all know it, was going down the tubes and they did not think it could be resurrected with any great success to get the kind of investors that were needed for this high level of debt in such a short period of time.

We are a small majority but we look at the amount of funds they were able to raise! Amazing is an understatement. So as investors we too now must get paid back and with interest.

This folks is not just any ordinary currency revaluation and money exchange. When the presidential executive order was issued to allow us own Iraq dinar it was a creed that had much deeper implications. Why are the rates going to be so high? Why do the rates keep going up? The longer we wait for a return on our investment the higher the payout….just saying…

They are attempting to set a presidence here too. Maybe for future wars? Funny how I keep wondering why they essentially canned the US War Bond idea for funding a war. Did you notice how the banks don’t even carry them anymore. You can still purchase them but only through special order with the UST. Folks this is not coincidental.

Okay lets set another rule…can we? This rules says NOTHING IS COINCIDENTAL

Dig deep enough and you will find what really happened and why the event took matter what the event. It did not just occur as we are lead to believe most of the time.

This is what was so unique about G.W. Bush’s plan this time to fund the war on terrorism. Whenever I think about it I say to myself a big fat Wow! I am making history. My children will read about me someday in the history books! Okay I got a little carried away…they will read about this event in the history books and I and we are all part of it.

I was always told the only ones that benefit from a war are the financiers of the war. I always wondered how I could tap into this as one of the investors. Well I did for this war and so have you.

Did not your president Obama just recently have a news conference where he said there is a new plan to solve this financial crisis and we will see it in the coming days? (or something close to this). Why would he have said this unless he had a plan? What could that plan be?


Sorry for such a long post once again and I know my english es ist nicht so gut.

I just thought that we all should know what is now taking place in the backdrop and stop worrying so much about the payoff and blessing we are all about to receive.

Be ready when the banks get the go ahead for live rates. It won’t be much longer. Have a plan in place and follow it. The USA government “cash in” is almost completed, Iraq nearly has completed its remove the zeros project and the CBI desparatey needs to suck on our 3 zeros notes ASAP. In reality the phase II of delete the 3 zeros project has already begun. Hurray ! We just have to wait our turn.

Peace and Luv to ya all.

Mnt Goat (From Bavaria, Germany)

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