OCrush Says “Here We Go” 2-15-13

Posted Today, 08:00 PM

Hello All!!!, Okay, here we go. President Barzani has taken the bull by the horns. When he came back from his visit in Europe (Davos, Ireland and a couple of others) he decided to represent all of the Kurdistan blocs to end this crisis. Most significant, he now represents Talabanis Patriotic Union, with there blessing. He had meetings with all of the Kurdish blocs, the Sadrist Bloc, representatives from the US Embassy (Beecroft and UN Dels) and the National Coalition (Malikis Bloc).

One significant member of Malikis bloc works in London and is trusted by the Brits and U.S. He spoke for Malikis coalition. This lasted for a few days and it was VERY successful. In turn…Barzani and the Kurd leaders were so happy they adjusted there Budget and past it today in the Kurdish parliament. Formal agreements were signed so there will be no backing out when this was done. It also included all disputes with Kirkuk under Article 140:) It also included an agreement with the HCL:))

We should hear something on this shortly. Now, Barzani has called for a formal announcement with all of the Kurdish leaders participating to tell the Kurdish people what took place during these closed door meetings. They will tell the people there future and announce something major. In turn Maliki, Nujaifi and the other bloc leaders will make there own formal announcement to the Shiites, Sunnis, Turks and Christians what they have accomplished and what there future holds.

This is History in the making. Life changer for all the Iraqi’s and it is very well coordinated. Sunday is a new beginning for Iraq and should be veeery revealing to our timeline:))

Hope this helps and Cheers to All!!!!!!

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