Ocrush Says It’s Done 1-8-13

Ocrush e-mail Jan 8th to Hopesaway

It seems the finance committee has completed their task!! This is what is going on with the CBI. Back on Dec 31 2012 the CBI started the process to implement their monetary policy. There were certain procedures that needed to be finalized with the private banks. These procedures included for the private banks to participate in the exchange of currencies through their windows. On January 2nd (wednesday) they were to submit their applications (audits) to the central bank of Iraq for approval.

I was told this is finished. Most private banks are good to go, except for a couple that will pay fines and would be allowed to participate within 30 days. These were the procedures that were stopped by the GOI back in MAY 2012 because they needed to complete their studies. My belief is they (goi) knew the RV could not take place till the new fiscal year. I believe back in February and May Saleh stated the process of deleting the zeros can’t be implemented until early January 2013.

Have the pd’ers search the past to know the future. You see these procedures that needed to be done to implement the draft law were to get the private banks going. All is done. The only thing the CBI can’ t do is approve the release of the new denoms….this is parliaments presidency that needs to activate and approve and in turn he was waiting for the budget to be finalized by the finance committee, which I was told was completed today!!!!

Cheers All:)))

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