OCrush Update 1-31-13


Hello, Something urgent is happening in iraq. My cousin spoke to the new deputy of the oil ministry. (I didn’t know the old was replaced) There are changes that were made within the contracts that reflect a favor to its iraqi employees. There will be a notice on this changes at the appropriate time (within days) he told him. My cousin senses the revaluation will happen first before the budget is released. It seems companies are taking steps for the change. Also BIG military movements within Iraq. Don’t have details, my brother will try to call me later.

I feel we are close as Steve was saying! Anything can happen at any time and like Steve said expect surprises without any notice.

OCRUSH JAN 30th #2 Lt. General Calsen is in charge of our units. For the past 2 weeks they have been coordinating the closer of ALL borders. This coordination involves iraqi, kurdish, jordanian, hired military hands, UN and our boys and girls. C130’s have been flying in from Germany to supply the needed armaments for this coordination. This could only mean one thing, to protect iraqi’s interests as my brother said. Holy cows we are there. It feels like a dream but its really happening.

Will update if I hear anything else!

Cheers HopesAway


OCRUSH : Cousin just answered another one of my questions.

I asked him where we are at with the hcl law? His response….it is done, there are new contracts put out by the ministry of oil. One contract that is still being negotiated is exxon mobil. We have the contract for there irrigation system. Be aware there had to be transparency between the foreign oil companies and the government intake on oil sales, this way they could distribute the wealth to the iraqis with no filthy hands in the funds. It seems we are almost there HopesAway :))))) Cheers:)))

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