OCrush Update 5-3-13

OCRUSH MAY 3RD, 2013 Helloooo Everyone, This is the latest! The cabinet had there session yesterday (FULL). They worked on the seven points that were agreed upon (tweeked them) and had them signed with Maliki, Barzani and the CoM:) The next step is to implement them at the parliamentary session! They finally agreed to the oil and gas law (from 2008) to share the oil wealth with all the Iraqi people:) Now they need to pass it (parliament). They also agreed to ratify the 2013 budget to include the actual payment to the oil companies and pershimega. They could do this because the budget was truly never opened. They were using the Japanese money (emergency funds) to keep the goi going. The cabinet completed there task now its up to parliament. There are also some smart people in Iraq to figure out the debt conversion to there citizens. There is a law that needs to be ratified to make it legal once the conversion is put in place. The cbi can legaly RV the dinars, but the parliament holds the key to set the law to release the LD’s and to set the law to monetor and destroy the dinars we hold. Without these laws being put in place, the cbi has to wait. I have no doubt this will get done after the parliament passes the ratified laws brought forward by the cabinet, which they already approved. This is getting exciting and I hope this helps:)) Cheers All:)

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