OCrush Update – He’s Excited 6-24-13

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I communicated with Ocrush today (Sunday June 23rd) and he is very excited about how well things are moving along in Iraq!!!!! Here are some key points from him.

1. March 31st
This is the day Iraq was supposed to be released from chapter 7. Obviously there was a 3 month delay. An April 1st RV was a legitimate date that Steve, Ray and Ocrush were all looking at. As we know Iraq borrowed money from Japan to make it from April 1st until now.

2. June 27th
There has to be a formal announcement of the release of chapter 7 and that day will be June 27th. It will be called National Day and there will be a celebration of some sort. The RV WILL NOT HAPPEN until Iraq is officially released from chapter 7. All is done for 7 except for demarcation; missing persons; and payments. On thursday we will see Biden, Zibari and many other VIP’s in attendance. Most things will be put into chapter 8 and a couple of things will go into chapter 6.

No one knows the exact date the RV will take place. But as Steve has said, 72 hours or so after the release of 7 is logical although it could be longer than that if they need it.

No one knows the rate but it will most likely be fixed.

5. The Federation Council
The FC has been put into place but has not been initiated. Once chapter 7 has been made official then the country will be under the rule of the FC. The PM, Maliki, will just be a figure head. The FC consists of top politicians and religous figures.

6. Money!
Its all about the money. There is lots and lots of money flowing into Iraq right now. Many corporations are there under their DBA (doing business as) names. The most important thing waiting to be signed are the MOU’s. The monetary policies are set to take place through the DFI and the CBI.

7. The Constitution
The constitution has already been put in place, it is ammendments that are waiting to be added.

8. Dr Shabibi
Dr. Shabibi will not be charged with anything. He will not be coming back to the CBI and he will be retiring when this is over.

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