OCrush Update – Yippee 2-20-13

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They are completing the final version of the budget. They are ALL in agreement…..YIPPEEE! We might actually see this thing done tomorrow! My cousin sent me the funniest email I ever received fron him:)) He is excited!!

He also said many good laws will pass with it. I didn’t press the matter, we shall find out in a few hours! Cheers TO ALLLLLLLL:))

I sent him the article that Rec V posted to start this thread and this was his reaction 😀

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes the Antiquities Law!!!!!!!! This is the law that has the lower denoms law attached to it!!!!!!!!!!!! I put out a post on this with proof a few weeks ago!! HOLY COWS!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER!!

I think the antiquities law has the power share for the iraqis. The education law has the project delete the zeros (lower D’s). I posted that also back in December! Cheers All :))

What a coincidence to have the Antiquities Law and the Budget law to be voted on the same day!!!! I AM VERY EXCITED!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

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