Papajack Chat 1-15-12

[papajack] andisgram1 Well news, NO, perfect storm, Yes
[papajack] We are in a good place, America on the brink of bankruptcy and no adult leadership, Europe about to implode, the entire world economy in chaos, and the RV is the get out of jail free card for all these crooks, do you really think they will let it fail?

[papajack] POLITIC’s POLY means MANY and a TICK is a bloodsucking parasite.
[Brightlight] papajack do you know when ? sorry I guess silly question

[papajack] Brightlight I don’t think even the guy that pulls the trigger knows when!!!!!!
[kazorlando] Papajack: Does anyone think something will happen today, Sunday??

[papajack] kazorlando It could unless some politician has gas or something.

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