Papajack Late Fri 1-13-12

Posted Late Friday Night
papajack 9:50 est 1-13-12

[papajack] Somebody or something sure threw the brakes on all the good stuff that was coming in this afternoon.

[papajack] mamari4 Yep, it sure got quiet.

[KYRV39] papajack how are you tonight are you excited that we may see this tonight

[papajack] KYRV39 I sure hope so, but this weekend looks good, S&P downgraded a bunch of European countries today so that should put some pressure on them to GET R DONE!!!!

[snowlover] Papajack…but what happened to cause this calm

[Asells] papajack papajack Funny that he was asked to step down, but had a photo shoot the day before…. think that could be smoke?

[papajack] Asell AHH Could be!!!

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