Poppy3 Chat at PTR 1-21-12

[poppy3] i see okie’s and dr t’s post and agree with them about the rate being close to kuwait and i have always stood on that position. I know there was the meeting that spoke about with the imf but i have zero confirmation of any results . I truely hope they are right. I also hope the meeting that was canceled today till monday is formality and has zero to do with the rv but i am convinced the information that i posted is true. Like i said earlier this can rv at anytime things are completed to dr shabibi’s satisfaction . He can say go!!!!!!! Poppy3

Posts Poppy is referring to:

dinar baby] 1-20-2012 Okie_Oil_Man According to sources, sunday an announcement will be made by a top official in the usg [United States government] regarding the new banking regulations to be implemented on a world wide basis. Those speculating on a next week cash in may be nearer right than even they know…i fully expect upon confirmation to be able to share with you perhaps as early as sunday the real meaning of the announcement to the average person would mean nothing but to the dinar investor will mean everything. I will confirm before i call the r/v…KEEP IN MIND THE RATE OF KUWAIT AND REMEMBER THAT IRAQ WILL BE A LITTLE HIGHER INITIALLY.

[dinar baby] DR. T: I don’t know if this has been posted or not. The meeting yesterday was with the UST, IMF and the IRS. Decisions were made on the banking rules, etc., posted to all banks internationally, and the release should be later today or tomorrow according to my source. That is all I know so far.

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