Poppy3 Chat at PTR 7-9-12

10:14 PM [poppy3] ok guys still feeling very bad today but wanted to chime in a min and give a update direct from VN . Yesterday evening for the first time in 10 days the phone system in VN was opened for incoming and outgoing calls. TODAY a very delayed call came from there saying yes they had planned to RV early this month but todays news was not what I wanted to hear and we where informed they will not RV THIS month but possibly will be set to go again early next month. NOW REMEMBER this is still a communist country and the news from there that goes out to the world is monitored and censored so be your own judge. BACK to bed for me. POPPY3

10:18 PM [poppy3] there was zero reason for the delay ??? Just that it has been detained again. Perhaps they are still holding on to try and wait out iraq. Who know anymore?? Poppy3 sorry guys for the possible delay news up untill today all has been so very positive. Makes me wonder why this report was so different all the sudden with a long delay all the sudden?? Time will tell. Poppy3

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