Poppy3 Chat – Ride Almost Over 3-25-12

3:02 PM [poppy3] glory glory the heavens are opening up. Guys as you know i try to stay positive all the time and always try to control my emotions and confirm every word i get my hands on before exciting everyone else.

Well i just got one of the very important calls i have been hoping for and it was a awesome call. This source is in the thick of the meetings in Iraq and he for the first time called himself to inform me agreements where made today that allows the rv and a couple other things to happen prior to the summit..

Get that i said again prior to the summit. He has never called the rv before and i personally have complete confidence in his statement.

There is only one possible blowup that could take place that could prevent this happening and if it does it could be a long time later so i and many of my friends will pray continually that we have the favor to bring this home for all people involved.

Hang on friends the ride is coming to a screching halt and money will spill all over america. Gods love poppy3

3:04 PM [mona lisa] WOW!!! ty
3:05 PM [itsreallybad] poppy whats the one thing that can stop this
3:06 PM [jarhead] fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:06 PM [poppy3] now wipe out all these doubful post with nothing to back up their assumptions . Poppy3

3:07 PM [dinar baby] Thank God for Poppy and his trusted sources. Let’s give praise and thank God for the blessing that is here!

3:08 PM [poppy3] itsreallybad well your tongue is powerful so i never discuss a negative and give credit to what might could happen . I am like our us news media until something happens don’t report it. I dont want people talking about anything that could be negative. Poppy3

3:11 PM [poppy3] ok just got a email saying the bankers in vn where told to expect the dong to rv next week .. They got this notice friday?? Don’t know this source well or their source so take as a rumor but it stands to reason if the dinar goes so will all the rest. Poppy3

3:13 PM [poppy3] everyone pray that the leadership of all tribe and all leaders have favor with one another to bring stability to iraq for the future… If we get this we have the rv. Poppy3

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