Poppy3 Says RV In The Hands Of The UN 3-14-12

[poppy3] I am back for a few and have updated information. Final prepatory meeting finished today ….

The agenda will be announced and the schedule for the n/c is also to be announced tomorrow. Everything about the three main subjects has all been agreed upon at least the information that actually coming from their news media is saying so.

This time i trust it and think it is very accurate. The ss has not as of 10am this morning been supplied with any set date for the n/c. Kuwait can approve the release from chap 7 but they can’t release.

That is up to mr moon and panel at the un. They do need documentation of all the actions that have been fulfilled by iraq goi and parliament. All these meetings have been very needed and they are trying to do this right and whether you believe it or not these have been in our best interest . Dr shabibi is protecting all of us. Poppy3

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