PTR Chat 9-10-12

9-10-2012 Dan (PTR): We’ve all had some pretty strong thoughts in the past about the timing but the fact is we’re all still here. If this thing doesn’t happen really soon I don’t see it happening to interfere with the election. If this goes past this week I don’t see them revaluing to have anything to do with the election. Whoever the big people are that are holding this up are still holding it.

I have been thinking toward a future date myself but my feelings are that if it goes past this week we could be waiting until after the election. It’s either gotta be really or soon or maybe a month out. The nice thing about Dr. Todd is that what he said wasn’t opinion the man lived a lot of the stuff he talked about.

Is he the smartest guy in the industry? No. Is he one of the smartest guys we talk to? Yes. This has been a plan for decades, not just when the UN did what they did. This plan to fix the monetary system has been in the works for a long time. Since the very first moment its all been part of a bigger plan.

9-10-2012 Tony (PTR): I don’t see this going to the election from the information I’m getting. My rationalization is that the election doesn’t mater at this point because there’s not enough time for the numbers to have an effect or apply to this.

That’s all future things that would affect a future administration. People keep wanting to blame Obama for a global event even though he doesn’t have control of everything. We have some contacts who thought it could have all been done on either Sept 1st (which has passed) or their secondary date which is coming up shortly.

9-10-2012 Gary (PTR): One of the big issues we have been addressing is what are we seeing evidence of. All the activity we’ve seen hasn’t brought this to closure. The banks believe this is already here and should be done. They are just as frustrated as everyone else. So, why all the delays?

I can justify some of the delays because of the international settings but the global funds are real but they’ve been held off and my question is whether or not there’s something bigger we’re not aware of. Some think this may be held off until after the election so this may be a critical week.

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