Quick SteveI Update 3-8-13

iraqi dinar valueQuestion from PD: Isn’t the CBI closed today for their religious day? Although that didn’t stop me from checking…. twice.

SteveI: Yes, holy day. OK, I will confess, I peeked twice also and saw the update was still 07.03.2013 and then remembered I would not be getting anywhere fast with the holiday.

By the way, Ray is working on one of his contacts in the upper levels of the CBI for a few hints. Personally, I feel this will be over maybe this weekend or the first of the week. Just a gut feeling. I am not calling it so lets get that straight now. Just a gut feeling as they are hurting so bad.

Another reason, Rays guys said yesterday that no one got their money loaded on there smart cards since March 1st. So, just maybe, we are closer than we think. I will keep you updated.

Blessings, Steve

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