Randy Koonce – CC Update 7-8-12

Please use the 206-402-0100 number first, and then when that number is full and rejecting callers, THEN have the callers use the full list of alternative numbers as the backup:

The GUEST~CALL IN: PIN is 169470# .

7-7-2012 Randy Koonce: Smart cards have zero to do with the RV. We are still looking for the National Conference once you see that, start getting really happy. They won’t announce the RV at the National meeting, they will announce the Ministers & the Strategic Council. Once those are in place we are done the middle of July is what we are focusing on. If we go into Ramadan, we are still OK. Ramadan is a holiday, but a working holiday. Rate – $3.41, this will make their budget work. Every indication is this is our time.

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