Randy Koonce – Email to Dinarwatchdog 5-30-12

How you Makin it Max?

I am dropping a note to let you know where we stand at this moment. There is an article that a lot of people sent to me saying that Talabani and Jafaari will present a document for the no confidence in Maliki… If this is a good document which i believe is true then Talabani must think that the deadline is sometime tomorrow and Maliki must announce the GOI sometime tomorrow. The only way he gets out is if Talabani caves in. So Tomorrow look for any announcement for the GOI, if we do not Get it then by 7 p Central time there should be some article for the conviening of parliament for the no confidence on Maliki……..

Some have read an article about a persons sources that say it will never happen….. Again Guys you are holding a currency that has to appreciate to make the budget work….. Stick with Facts not someones opinion…… and that stands for the perosn that believes the constitution has a rate of .86 in it to be force…. Again the Constitution only talks about balanced budgets not rates of currency so that person needs to go back and read the thing…… the constitution is just about like our since our lawyers help draw it up…..

Relax look for events… Breathe it is not a matter of If just when and how much……..

Randy Koonce

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