Randy Koonce – Just Breathe 6-12-13

bank-screens-iraqi-dinarHow you Makin it MadMax?

Since all the hype going around I have decided to drop a not out…. It has not RV’d there is not tiers that have cashed waiting on the next tier. Now June is looking good but there is no confirmation on it happening yet….. IF or when i get that confirmation that we are looking better then I will do a call…. But in all reality we are in the same boat since December 29 Other than the debt was extended to Sept 2nd……

I do know people thought I was crazy when I gave the May 19th to August window but that window is still good… I do hope that June becomes our month but it is so Political that we will just have to wait and see how well our President gets on with the scandals, the more pressure on them the better for us.

So the Last two weeks of June are looking promising but do not get hopes to high, Just breathe and enjoy the summer….

If you see info on Bank screens flashing then just pull your pants legs up and walk on by…

If anyone says that the imf is going to force this and make Iraq do this RV, then just pull your pants up and walk on by.

We are waiting on Obama to bless this thing and when he does we will be over.

Do not fall for every Guru Intel Breathe….. this ride is coming to an end…. I want to express that I want it to happen more than anyone and at the same time i need to breathe to…

I do appreciate all the kind words that are expressed to me and all the friends that I have met and keep meeting.

and for all the ones that have now called me a pumper I want to leave a little add….. Oh and I did win the Nigerian Lottery, but cannot seem to get them to send me money…. I bet some of you have the same issue…. LOL

This is in the Lords hands let him have it……


PS…. the Kuwait emir in Baghdad was a big thing…

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