Randy Koonce Says Breathe Or Get Out Of The Dinar 4-2-12

How you Makin it Max?

Just dropping a note to give you what I believe is happening. I will do a Conference Call Wednesday afternoon, but until I send a notice for that, I am just going to give some info…..

Iraq did not have the money to do the Arab Summit so when they just stayed at the airport for all the meetings. They did move some of the meetings to the green zone, all of which the United States provided the security..

The two biggest countries did not really participate in the Summit. And, by everyone’s standard, other than Maliki’s own group, was the biggest bust there could be. Saudi Arabia did not go because Iraq has not lived up to the agreements that Maliki signed off on. That is…. showing the Government and letting the money RV.

DO NOT WORRY there is still pressure on Maliki to finish at the National Conference on April 5th. which is when they promised to show the Ministers and the Strategic Council.

So, do we look for the RV? No we look for the Ministers and the GOI. Ban Ki Moon, from the UN, did not go to the Arab Summit to release Iraq from

Chapter 7. He went on behalf of another country trying to expose the fact that Maliki Lied on Documents…. “and by lying….. all things were signed and promised to be done before the Arab Summit.” The only reason they were not done is Maliki wanted to go to the Summit with total control of Iraq. This has back fired on him and now he is facing the wrath of the Kurds which started today…… they have quit sending oil.

This is a very great sign So do not expect anything until the 5th. It can happen at anytime, but do not expect until the 5th. If there is no GOI, then we will have to see what is happening at that time.

One more thing! If you are worried or send me emails telling me that you have lost faith or just need me to give you confidence to stay in, I cannot do that for you. You need to sell your dinar and get out because this investment is not for you. If you are looking for this to happen at any particular time, or if you are about to lose everything, you need to sell the dinar to save your business. What I can say is this is going to happen, but not one person can predict when. We just have times that look better then others.

Breathe and I will have a Conference Call on Wednesday.

The KURDS stopping the Oil is a very big sign.

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