Randy Says Breathe – We Are Close 9-18-14

How you Makin it Max?

I am dropping a note to let everyone to know the state we are in…. I want to thank a friend (he does not want his name out there) that wrote the last letter I sent out. I know it looked different but it was from me I was traveling in Kansas City and could not send it out… We sent it out for a two purpose goal… First to let people know that the Pres was interfering with something that he did not need to be messing with.. and the other to let people know how fragile footing we were on…..

After saying that the Winds have changed in our favor and now we are in a window until Tuesday next week to see this thing come out. The last thing that we are looking for is the Defense minister to show… The Defense should have shown last Tuesday but internal bickering within the Shia group so it was resolved a few hrs after the postponement of the Parliament..

So if we get the Minister of Defense then this investment becomes very very very imminent “that is a pretty big word for me” Lol… We believe that Iraq has stood up and said they need to go ahead with economic progress… Code word RV

Oh I did win the nigerian Lottery more than 5 imes… LOL…

This event is not a requirement but just a recommendation from the USA to slow things down…. knowing it is a position of great importance in the GOI… if the Minister does not show then it will be a 50/50 chance that is happens by sunday.

If it does happen I personally look for this to go down by Sunday So if you get a chance lay down a little prayer that there will be nothing get in the way of the events that need to happen so we can finish this up…

I am hoping above hope this is the last time I have to write a note to let people know where we are at…. I want to thank so many for the support….

Do not fall for Exchange rates of anything above 4 dollars…… you will be dealing with a possible not so upright person.. Do not let your money out of your hands unless you are receiving the exchange rate back at the same time…..

BE SMART it is just an exchange you will be able to go to any bank once the rate shows….

We are close.. Breathe,,,

Check www.cbi.iq every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE……… Yes I will do a meeting after the RV…… do not worry I will send out email…..


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