Randy Says National Conference, Ministers, RV 5-7-12

(SWFloridaGuy] 5-7-2012 Randy Koonce: We’re really close to seeing the National Meeting. I’m under the impression that they have the votes for the no confidence, which is why Maliki is saying I’m ready to have the meeting.

Parliament is not involved at this point. Been done for years.

All we need is an announcement on the Strategic Council and the Ministers.

Bank screens have nothing to do with it. I think we’re extremely close. Talabani has got to come out and announce the National Meeting.

I don’t know why he hasn’t already but when he does we’re done with this thing. Shabibi wants to make sure he has a government.

The UN is supposed to release Iraq from Chapter VII on the 15th. The National Meeting is not going to be hid. This will be a public event. That is the only way it will become law. You’re not going to miss it!!

SWFloridaGuy] Randy Koocne (continued): If Maliki challenges and they do a no confidence these are the steps they will take: They will do a take a no confidence vote, they only need a majority. Maliki will have 3 days to get with the leaders and make things right or he will be outted. With a no confidence there is a 7 day grace period. During that 7 days they would decide on his replacement. At the end of that 7 days they would have an interim PM. Longest it would take would be 20 days. Basically, it would only be around a 10 day delay for us. Wouldn’t take that long.

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