Ray’s Update – Peoples Dinar 1-24-12

Greetings Peoples Dinar Members.

Ray and I have been working and digging very hard for more information so we can share with you regarding your investments.

With that being said, Ray as you may or may not be aware, has built up many contacts here that have families still living in Iraq, (various regions) and he along with my business partner in Iraq have a great opportunity to get first hand news articles that they see and read along with TV and other media sources.

As you can see from Ray’s email to me a few minutes ago, we have some very interesting things going on.

I just cannot thank Ray enough for all he brings to us via his contacts.

I can assure you that all of the Okie’s, Tony’s, Dan’s, Adam’s (not his real name) and many others will twist this a bit and claim it as theirs, so be it. So for all of you that want to bash our efforts and make negative and nasty comments I guess we all will have to pray extra hard for you.

Mr. Steve,
Just got off the phone with one of my Iraqi contacts here in town and got this latest news that I wanted to share with you. He said it came out in three newspapers over in Iraq that Shabibi is going to hold a press conference one day next week. Didn’t say what day. He is going to talk about the dinar, the revalue of the dinar, it’s affect on the economy, how it is going to be the strongest currency in the region, and also the positive effect it will have on the people of Iraq. The papers also stated that if he gets tied up in a meeting or something, that Saleh will take his place and hold the press conference.

Also, he just saw on Iraqi Tv about an hour ago that the Iraqi List(Allawis party) have agreed to attend the Parliament meeting with a positive attitude and vote on the 2012 Budget. They stated that they are going to work for change within the government the right way instead of boycotting. I believe the meeting is to be Thursday but not sure.

I feel this is very positive news and the RV is right around the corner now. I see no other reason for Shabibi holding a news conference to explain this to the people unless he knows the RV is about to happen. Just my opinion. Will update more later as I get it. Take care.



On the comment about “Iraqi List(Allawis party) have agreed to attend the Parliament”, here is an article that is putting the pressure on the Iraqiya bloc.

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Here was a great question by AZMike:

Just a question, does it make sense that Shabibi would discuss the RV with the citizens of Iraq prior to the RV? I would think that discussing it in the detail described in Ray’s message would be a signal to “speculators” that would swoop down on Iraq and buy up the currency. So perhaps the strategy is for Shabibi to have his little “fireside chat” with the citizens of Iraq immediately following the RV, not preceding it.

Ray’s Answer:


Remember on January 11, 2012 we posted this:

You are absolutely correct, we are closer than that. Now this is my opinion but it is based on many facts. If Iraq were to give a specific month or time frame, every country and investor in the would would eat up Iraq in the purchase of the IQD. There is no way that will be allowed. If you discourage investors, then they will back off until a later date as not to tie up there working capital or investors funds.

This is a brilliant plan by the CBI and remember, Shabibi is one of the smarted people on the planet regarding strategy and financial planning. Saleh said he did not need permission from anyone to move Iraq economically forward. The revaluation has already been approved by parliament last year. Ray and I have first hand knowledge of that. What we do not have first hand knowledge of is the date they will do that. I have a pretty darn good idea, and that is why you do not hear our forum or leaders calling it every weekend so to be first and destroy the spirits of the members.

Here was the exact quote from the article: “The CBI did say specifically that they do have full power to move this country forward without any further votes or permissions. They can and they will move Iraq forward.”

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Please read Rays email, followed by my comments below:


Had a call a little while ago with one of my contacts and have the following information to share. He said this was in some of the papers in Baghdad. I didn’t bother to try and find out which papers. If anyone wants to verify this, they can research it for themselves. I have no reason to doubt my contacts. He said that Shabibi had a meeting with all the bank managers last Sunday. He told them that he wanted an inventory of how much dinar they have on hand. He also wanted them to provide him an approximation of how much the people are holding in each of their areas too. He said he wanted this info back to him within 7 to 10 days. Once this hit the papers, the people on the street are saying that the new dinar will be issued either late this week or next week. I see no other reason why Shabibi would want an inventory other than replacing the old with the new. The people on the streets are saying the same thing.

Also, Ambassador James Jeffrey is meeting with the different political groups there to try and solve their political differences so they can get on with business. He feels all the problems with be solved next week. This has been on local tv stations too.

He also told me that the 2012 budget was voted on once and will be voted on again next week. It only has to be voted on twice before it goes into effect. This fits with everything else that is happening right now. I feel that we are truly very close and the RV is right around the corner. I will share more info as I get it. Have a blessed day. Hope the ankle doesn’t hurt too bad after therapy tonite.



I agree with Ray that this is a huge step in the right direction, and it is now only a matter of time before we see an increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar. Why would Dr. Shabibi want an estimated accounting of the current Iraqi Dinar? This is very simple, in my opinion, he wants to know his exact (to the best of his ability) accounting of their (Iraqs) exposure. Furthermore we were told that this will allow him to ship the new currency in the amounts that the bank is holding to replace the current old notes.

This is huge folks, let’s think about this (bash me if you want) if this was going to happen at the end of 2012, why in the world would he want this information now because in a month or so, it will totally change.

Because of this news that was in the papers, the citizens now feel that this will happen within the next couple weeks or sooner.

End of posting on January 11, 2012

I know many people are hurting emotionally and financially, so to our PD family, compassion is needed to heal the hurts of others because fellowship builds us up and binds us together.

Stay positive and keep your faith. Ray and I promise to keep you updated as information come in.

God Bless each and every one of you.


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