Redwolf Says Banks Are Locked And Loaded 3-16-13

redwolfMax says, “I’ve heard of Bluwolf before, but I don’t know this Redwolf dude. We’ll see eh?”

[Redwolf] Just a quick visit tonight. There were a few technical difficulties today.
Will be resolved this weekend. Banks are locked and loaded. All of us hoped for today but this is global not just one country. No evil has popped up to stop it. The East is still in control of this. Be ready for next week!

[Redwolf] All, Just be patient for early next week. Markets have to be open for an exchange. Banks are ready and loaded. This would not be the case if we are kicking this down the road. Early next week. Early means early.

[dinofan] So we are back to glitches….recycled excuses from a year ago…imho….

[Redwolf] Dinofan, I have been at this for some time now. Haven’t posted until intel was confirmed and verifiable. Do you know how many countries have to be Basel III complaint for this to happen? It is a global re-set not a two country RV. This is why I do not post. It is not a tech issue but logistical. If you don’t grab it I am sorry.

[Redwolf] It has been happening all week long. I said earlier if they knew all that was happening it would implode! The news is great for everyone. Can we wait one more weekend to see this through?

[Redwolf] Rest easy and be ready. Our team works 12+ hours per day. We start before the sun rises everyday.

[ebenezer] I can verify what redwolf is saying. He works soooooooooooooo hard all day long compiling data.

[Robertprofessor] I think we’d all be less stressed if we look at Redwolf’s positive message and not the “did he say” and try to get a specific day. It is coming. It is nearly here. Nothing evil is blocking it. We will see it when a logistical matter is handled. Relax.

[ebenezer] if banks are as close as info suggests it can’t be long

ebenezer] I think the banks are ready and even they are confused at this point but they are ready I know that for sure


[wango1] There will be waaaay more than 5 locations to exchange. And ALL banks are ready. Have been for a long time. All training, technology and increased wiring capabilities are in place. There is NO scrambling for DeLarue machines either. DO NOT believe the smoke that is out there.

wango1] The PTB do not want to tip-off the fact we are sooo close. Dinarians are, and always have been diggers. The PTB are dealing with a whole new “breed” here….and lots of us of us too.

wango1] The dam has started to break and at some point there will be no stopping it. With very little else to gather as far as info… is best to just get out of the way and watch it all happen… a huge flood, once the dam breaks.

[wango1] all the banks are ready and they all want the Dinar profits

[ebenezer] Bluwolf is right about no one knowing an exact date. Clearly no one knows this


[okrocks] they are not going to do the 193 countries at one time now… it is being done in “bites” over time

[2mater] Redwolf was so positive in saying something like can’t you just hang in there a few more days – loved that

Lvn42day] That post by DebTarheel was telling us that the number of locations for WF was a rumor. And that Cruiser, Cap and some others agreed. That is pretty cool.

tinman54] Lvn42day BAM … any minute

okrocks] personaly I dont buy the only 6 locations either… I think those are only the main “hubs” that have “branches” to take care of all of us in a nice orderly fashion and treat us llike the queens and kings we are lol


[okrocks] well I believe all the “guys” believe what they share… they have great hearts and I will not talk unkindly those who are trying their best to help… we just all have a few differences and only want the same thing, an end to this

highlander65] okrocks TY Very Good Post

[WILDDUCK] okrocks that is called character and integrity in short supply these days,

[paradisegirl] WILDDUCK please tell Redwolf we appreciated his posts tonight

[WILDDUCK] okrocks hey who knows whats going on and were we ended up today

[okrocks] WILDDUCK last I heard there was a lil bit of tweeking no biggie

[ebenezer] WILDDUCK evertime I hear the rv is about to happen which is connected to pps or platforms the promotions go out almost like clockwork. it is not a stretch because I have noticed it too many times and know how close we have been

[WILDDUCK] ebenezer ok i think they are in the bix of selling dinar and if you are getting to the end of the road on big spread you might just want to hit it hard at the end. You all help them buy going nuts getting more

[cashinqueen1] next week is looking good…. thursday………… saturday is what i am hearing

burk50] Cashinqueen RedWolf says Early next week ,Early

keiji] WILDDUCK tell us everything….lol

[WILDDUCK] keiji your security clearance is not high enough. We are getting stuff from people who talk rarely inside the belt way and out, banks and others all been really good stuff, been sifting sifting and waiting big big wind up all week long

[bigbear] WILDDUCK Thanks for putting up with the wide variety of people. Redwolf said next week early.week begins sunday so are we looking by monday if i understand it correctly?????

[WILDDUCK] bigbear well he is going to find out what happens when you call it, if it gets jammed in the pipe on the way out, i know he is planning a road trip

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK There’s still no negative news seems to me though.

[okrocks] WILDDUCK where might that road trip take him?

[sananddan24] Wildduck you guys must be exhausted!

[WILDDUCK] sananddan24 been a long hard week and we did not get the bounce, think we just ran out of daylight

[okrocks] I say we are about to have an early retirement and then have to stay on our toes with all we are blessed

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  1. Titus Greenwood March 17, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    I was one dummy when I spent my good money for Iraqi Dinars! Finance sold them in the green zone and I was dumb enough to buy them. Now what are they worth? Nuthin’. You Dudes been barkin up this REVALUE tree for so long it funny.

    How come no other sap is leaving comment? Am I the only dummy that reads this stuff?

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