RV Call To Action Webinar 6-7-13

AA040001Max says, “Wow! Jim and Rick were awesome! The feedback from tonight’s webinar was incredible! Thanks again to all who attended.”

Based on tonight’s response, we are pleased to announce that Rick Abdullah and Jim Jenkins will be returning in the near future to answer additional questions. If you are not currently subscribed to DinarWatchdog.com, then take a moment and get signed up to be notified for special events. These webinars are not recorded and if you missed out tonight, sorry to say, you really missed out!

The RV tax information shared this evening is a must as we get ever closer to the Dinar Revaluation. Get on the list! It’s FREE, so take care of it now. Space is limited for these events and it’s a first come, first registered basis.

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  1. Richard Wingate June 8, 2013 at 5:43 am #

    I was on the call last nite (phone) Thank You for a GREAT call last nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!That resv.we have ,do we need to tell our private banker about them when we give him a plan for or $ to try for the 11% ? thanks again !!!!!!!!!! ringer

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