RV Countdown – Mission Control 7-10-13

shuttle launchMax says, “Ground Control to Major Tom…commencing countdown, engines on. Check ignition and may God’s love be with you!”

RV COUNTDOWN! BY ARTHUR Posted by ARTHUR on July 10, 2013 at 2:50am

We have reached a critical point on this RV roller coaster whereby all this tremendously positive, history making momentum upward is about to give us that part of the coaster we all love, which is that exhilarating and sudden drop; only dropping all of US DINARIANS who have faithfully endured, some longer than others, into the greatest currency exchange forex profit in the history of the world!

The Stage II Research Team has kicked into high gear as we are now gearing toward a more Post RV posture so bare with us as we build the site out to its full capacity in the coming days. LOL!

I’m beginning to use their words. Coming days. We’ve all heard that more than once and have witnessed how this highly fractionalized and sectarian country seems to take more like weeks, months, and for some of us even years to make even small strides.

But the last 60 days has seen more positive, even frenzied movement toward becoming the market economy the world needs such that we can see that something way above their pay grade has taken this thing over and has fast tracked THE PLAN to be put in motion.

Several articles are now showing much more than just a bunch of talking about deleting the zeros, as Parliament and the Economic Committees are now demanding that the CBI Reset the Iraqi Dinar, especially as everybody in the world now knows that this oil producing power house is out of all relative sanctions prohibitive to their economy.

MP Shammari twice now has said that, with now having $76 Billion and 30 tons of Gold Boulion, the 1300:1 ratio for the dinar against the dollar can no longer stand, and must become competitive with all other currencies immediately.

In comparison, their nearest and soon to be best regional trading partner Kuwait only has roughly $30 Billion in reserves and easily justifies a rate of 3.50 showing how the IQD could actually more than double the exchange rate of the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) and for all intents and purposes will double KWD in a very short time with annual growth projected at up to 16%.

This is no time for some internal political crisis sparred on by abject poverty when you have a nation so potentially strong economically which begs for a revaluation right now, not later as CBI Governor Turki was chastised for even mentioning last week.

Many fail to understand the spirit of giving and helping the poor that is religiously connected to the annual celebration of Ramadan and having this many people not being paid, not being appreciated is not what this holiday means to the Iraqis and no one, especially the PTB, needs this thing to turn into BOMB-A-DON!

They have been told several times that they would have reason to enjoy this Ramadan economically for a change and they surely deserve it now that there are no economic hindrances to this oil rich country.

It appears that, though not officially implemented, the Kurds and the Central Government have agreed enough in principal to the Oil and Gas Law (HCL) that it appears they will finally be in a position to agree on the 5th and hopefully final draft of this law pretty rapidly now.

This sudden show of teamwork by Maliki and Barzani had some provincial leaders thinking that they were suddenly a little bit too buddy buddy, and that M must have given away something he wasn’t supposed to, but more importantly, it shows us how the HCL is now far enough along that IMO it is no longer in the way of an immediate revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

It is helpful to compare this event we are in to the launching of the Space Shuttle. In order for an endeavor so complex to be successful, it takes all of those people monitoring all of those screens that represent all of the electronics and mechanics of the different physical laws, as well as the big screen they can all see of the launch itself.

This particular “shuttle” launch is called the Global Currency Reset. One look at the bleak numbers of all the world economies and it is very easy to see that, if nothing were done, we all on this planet were rapidly heading toward economic Armageddon with the slightest hiccup of a couple of these too big to fail banking and financial institutions that would make the great depression look like a day in the park.

To make sure the “shuttle” doesn’t blow up on the launch pad, China has played a pivotal role stabilizing and bolstering especially the American banks to ensure the main place to sell their goods sticks around and is able to pay back the enormous sums of monies they are owed and so they recently supplied a great deal of financial fuel in the form of gold to the Shuttle rockets recently, just in time to ensure this baby flies to outer space.

But the Shuttle’s main pilot, the literal driving force of the GCR is the United States. For all intents and purposes, they ARE the IMF, they ARE the UST, the very agencies that recognize currencies worldwide and tomorrow this largest and most economically important Super Power will join the rest of the world and become fully Basil III compliant thus, IMO leaving not much else I can find to in any way to hinder the Global Currency Reset of which the IQD will definitely be the one we are most concerned about in with all the other reval/deval currencies in the first basket of currencies.

We are getting word now that some of the dealers are no longer taking certain forms of payment due to what even they now feel is the imminent revalue of the IQD and other currencies.

Not some, but for the first time, ALL of our intel sources, all over the world, the CIA, the UST, the WB, WF, Chase, BOA, CitiBank, the Federal Reserve Bank where one of our contacts has 36 years of experience, as well as our contacts in Kuwait, Baghdad, Basra, and Kirkuk are all in total agreement that this looks like we are finally in the moment the Iraqi dinar is finally poised to be the MAIN STAR of the GCR!

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