ScottiG – Where’s My RV? 7-22-12

I honestly had hoped that we would have experienced the major adjustment in value of the IQD by now. Given the wealth of insight and information I have received over the last several months, I continue to remain optimistic and most hopeful. Is this wait totally frustrating….? Absolutely! In this post, I cannot break down the many pieces of the puzzle that have been coming together but they appear to still be in play. None of us would have guessed June 30 2011 that we would still be here today looking for this illusive event.

I am most confident in my sources as they have been right about so many things. I see these events they discuss unfold usually many days after I have been informed about them. The one thing that NO ONE has gotten right is the release. When will it come? What needs to happen for us to see it? I know we are not waiting on the big O to do anything….he signed off on the RV weeks ago. I know Maliki is not the obstacle as he has been neutered (Oh did you know that he went to China recently and was not welcomed there!!!). The Governor of the CBI stated unequivocally a while back that he did not need the Parliament or anyone else to release the RI/RV, that he would do it when it was right for Iraq.

I do believe and am hopeful that we are closer than ever before seeing our hopes fulfilled. Not because of the GOI being in place. Not because of some settlement packages that some knuckleheads claim have to be paid to certain individuals or governments and certainly not because some other ‘NEGOTIATORS’ erroneously claim that people have been cashed in at a Wells Fargo. I say we are closer than before because every time we have thought a specific event was the trigger (and every guru would jump on the Dinar Bandwagon and say so), we actually find out that another critical element has fit into place. I don’t know if you remember last summer/fall when I stated time and time again that this is the biggest financial event we were likely to ever see. This is bigger than Iraq, yet it is all about Iraq. It is about a once very proud and strong sovereign country learning again how to stand and to stand with dignity. This country is rebuilding from the ashes. In the midst of total chaos, they began to walk and now they are near to being able to run. I find it amazing that we have seen the discipline and sound planning that we have. Most investors really don’t care about the success of Iraq, only the dollars they will have to spend when the currency finally resets.

I am here to state that great progress continues to be made. Last week, subsequent to successful meetings and events taking place in France, Germany and England that several meetings were held here with leaders of the CBI and representatives in our government. Of course we know that the meeting of these officials at the UN on Thursday was about monetary and financial matters. Though I too thought that the announcement would come forth at that meeting, I understand that it was another of those necessary steps. When will we get to the end? Not certain but I am led to believe that the last pieces of the reinstatement to WTO are coming together and that to me is a key sign.

Until then, I recommend that everyone do as I have recommended since last November. Step away from the craziness of misinformation so prevalent in the chat rooms and forums. Take care of yourself and your families. Without them, what good is the money? Be responsible. Be sober minded and above all else….be thankful for the opportunity to be able to receive this blessing. I find that working 70 hours a week leaves me little else to think about and I will do that until I no longer have to!

In His mercy and grace

Scotti G

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