Soonerfan 3S’s Intel Chat 1-21-12

[soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, my day is finally over and I have received call all day and I can assure you this ride is finally over. Everyone I have talked to today is on exactly the same page

[soonerfan62] imagine What has been my raye doe a Month?

[soonerfan62] rate

[Major] soonerfan62, 8.63

[soonerfan62] Major You win the prize

[MotorCityGuy] soonerfan62 8.63 works for me…

[soonerfan62] MotorCityGuy Won;t stay there

[KYRV39] soonerfan62 Iknow ff said on his call that the rate would go higher with all the waiting do you feel it will be higher than 8.63 now

[soonerfan62] kyrv39 no

[Jake617] soonerfan62 if i may ask, when you say “same page” could you say that is the LAST page of this book we are all reading titled “Waiting to RV” ?

[soonerfan62] Jake617 Index at the back of the book

[soonerfan62] Guys let me say something I found out today then read it later from on of the other intel givers

[soonerfan62] Be ready to pay your taxes at the bank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[soonerfan62] Have you guys heard that IMF, CBI, and IRS had meetings today?

[soonerfan62] They are trying to make us pay the Capitol Gains taxes at cashin

[heycowboy] soonerfan62 …any idea what percent??

[soonerfan62] heycowboy 15%

[dmama] soonerfan62 flat15%?

[soonerfan62] dmama Yes

[MRP] soonerfan62 Hon, is that gonna be a flat 15% tax, with a new ruling then?

[soonerfan62] MRP Heard that also change attorneys so you won’t have to go to jail

[sandytob] soonerfan62 can you elaborate please?

[soonerfan62] sandytob I am only saying what I am hearing, 15% when you cashin, now drop it I am not an attorney or CPA

Mauiboy] soonerfan62; Aloha Soonerfan62, Would you happen to know if we chose to cash-in at DB would they be required to collect the taxes also? Mahalo Nui Loa

[soonerfan62] Mauiboy Don’t know talk to them

[soonerfan62] Guys just realize this is the first time that the IRS has even been mentioned in any meetings

[Eagle Has Landed] soonerfan62 if you exchange at Dinar Banker or Trade will they be authorized to collect taxes as well? Thanks

[qf1] Eagle Has Landed NO
[soonerfan62] Eagle Has Landed Who knows don’t know what the dealers rules are

[soonerfan62] What did I say last night in the short time I was on, ENJOY your last weekend without an RRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVV

[rjg] soonerfan62 i trust your opinion, if u say this is my week to go to the bank, i say YiPPEE KYYE

[soonerfan62] rjg Not just me many,many others

[evadevad] soonerfan-What are the chances of seeing this RV this week in a scale of 1-10 ??????????

[soonerfan62] evadevad 11

[sln1987] soonerfan62 Can you share when the window will start that we should be looking at? Tonight, tomorrow?

[soonerfan62] sln1987 Monday morning 2-4 am

[soonerfan62] Guys think about the hours, days,weeks, months and years you have been on some chat and the fact that we are this close you shouldn’t be able to sleep from the excitment

[ctgal] would you please ask if this is part of the announcement tomorrow, and by whom? Thanks.

[soonerfan62] Asells Didn’t say announcement, meeting

[marshww] soonerfan62 where and when can we look for the meeting tomorrow…. was the last question…thank u

[soonerfan62] marshww Nobody will know, not public

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