Soonerfan62 3Ss Chat 1-29-12

Saturday Night
tigers] soonerfan62 good evening so now you are thinking Sunday night?
[soonerfan62] tigers Not now always have
[soonerfan62] tigers Not just saying that now, have been for 3 days

[Kord] soonerfan62 So, no need to hurry home from church to be home by Noon tomorrow?
[soonerfan62] Kord C’mon guys sometime tomorrow IMO

[sandytob] soonerfan62 many are not too happy with the RI rate with the thought in the back of
our minds that it will jump up within a few days. If you don’t have much dinar, this is critical.
[soonerfan62] sandytob I understand thT

[soonerfan62] sandytob If it comes out RI then cash in a little and wait

[debneureka] soonerfan62 are your sources lining up with info from jonny’s? please and tyvm…
[soonerfan62] debneureka gratitude Yes

[soonerfan62] Guys my IMF guy told me this afternoon wht jonny just told you,
with the pressure from the IMF they might just come to the plate

[soonerfan62] mamari4 Nobody knows exactly what is happening, that’s what we are trying to say

[draavmorris2] gridkeeper, they should come out with both barrels open, not with a little stick.
[soonerfan62] draavmorris2 I think they will

[RVIT] soonerfan62 , if Iraq comes to plate does that mean tomorrow could be postponed?
[soonerfan62] RVIT No it still will be Sunday LOL

[corey] soonerfan62 was the global reset based on the RI or the RV rate?
[soonerfan62] corey Know nothing of the global reset

[eagle808] jonnywg & soonerfan62 Do you think we will have any problems
dinars on a plane? Will TSA be a problem or a concern?
[soonerfan62] eagle808 I’ve never had them check my wallet

[HEARTLANDLOCKED] jonnywg or soonerfan62 if iraq comes back to the table could they negotiate more time, or does the move by the IMF force the activation, and the only negotiable factor become rate and term of that rate.. thanks
[soonerfan62] heartlandlocked yes imo

[soonerfan62] Highlander If the IMF is convinced that Iraq will RV then yes
they will give them more time but not weeks maybe a couple of days but
it would be worth the much higher rate

[soonerfan62] From my information today from the IMF they will force the RI on Iraq. With that said I believe Iraq has been through so much that they will come back to the table with an RV as jonny just said. They could ask for a couple of days to get this done. They have everything to lose (MORE)

[soonerfan62] and not much to gain from an RI neither does the rest of the world.
I will gladly wait a few more days for a high rate instead of a RI of $3.
So be patient we will stay on this for you and will do the best we can
to bring you exactly what is happening. DONE

[soonerfan62] Guys I am only a very small piece of the puzzlw if it weren’t for all of us intel people getting yogether on a daily basis and compairing mintel it simple

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