SoonerFan62 Chat 1-31-12

8:52 PM [soonerfan62] Guys to be on a call with, jonny, bella, foot forward, cap1, lojak, shasta, and many, many others has got to go down as one of the highlights of my LIFE. And for everyone to be on the same page is unbelievable. I promise I for one will not get much sleep tonight. Thank you GOD !!

:54 PM [soonerfan62] You guys need to get excited about your futures

8:54 PM [catbit] soonerfan62 will staying up tonight be worthwhile?
8:54 PM [soonerfan62] catbit Yea

:55 PM [srm777] soonerfan62 Are you believing that the RV has taken place and we are waiting for the screens to post or CBI to post the rates in the US?
8:57 PM [soonerfan62] srm777 Yes

8:59 PM [Jake617] soonerfan62 so your saying CBI is most likely to update tomorrow early morning, and banks wednesday?
8:59 PM [soonerfan62] Jake617 Very, very possible

:00 PM [soonerfan62] Dove I am going crazy tonight
9:00 PM [ekay] soonerfan62 .. We’re finally there? 9
:01 PM [soonerfan62] glory ekay YES

:01 PM [joyjoyjoyjoy] soonerfan62 crazy in a good way?
9:01 PM [soonerfan62] joyjoyjoyjoy Yea

[Jeepgirl] 9:02 PM [soonerfan62] I am literially beside myswlf

04 PM [marshww] ~~~ soonerfan62 soonerfan62 is it still RV?? not RI..
9:04 PM [soonerfan62] marshww Yes

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