Soonerfan62 Chat at 3S’s Intel 3-12-12

7:08 PM CST 3sIntel [soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, what a great day, great Church Service lots of good calls today and best of all all good news. Want to give you guys something to think about…How about those 315,000,000 people that don’t even know about this investment. You and I are very blessed

[GrannieAnnie] soonerfan62 I am just looking for that darn RV. I think it is hiding or got lost somewhere.

[soonerfan62] GrannieAnnie It’s not lost as you will see very soon.

[andisgram1] soonerfan62 You thinking bank tomorrow?

[soonerfan62] andisgram1 I believe that is VERY possible,

[TUG] soonerfan62 so…can you, would you share any of the good news with us this evening..please and thank you

[soonerfan62] TUG No change is the best news, any minute.

[soonerfan62] Guys I know most of us have not been on here a lot for the last few days but that just gives us more time to dig and dig for imformation for you.

[ncbizman] Soonerfan62 How do u feel about seeing RV in next 48-72hrs????? Tks

[soonerfan62] ncbizman Real good

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