Soonerfan62 Chat at 3S’s Intel 3-22-12

11:04 PM [ringbell] Soonerfan62 you have any other news for me tonight

11:05 PM [soonerfan62] ringbell No baby still all good, we should wake up to an RV

11:15 PM [wildwes35] soonerfan62 You gonna go ahead and call it brother?

11:16 PM [soonerfan62] wildwes35 I will NEVER call it

11:18 PM [lovelylady] soonerfan62 give me somethin good….gonna fall asleep

11:19 PM [soonerfan62] lovelylady All great go to sleep

11:19 PM [cib] txred – it can happen at any point? Any time?ty

11:20 PM [txred] cib it has a very good chance.

11:20 PM [showmethemoney] txred the RV will happen before the end of the year….

11:21 PM [txred] showmethemoney Definately.

11:21 PM [cib] txred – if it’s in a $3-4 range, are you in a cash all mode?? ty

11:22 PM [txred] cib It has a good chance to be that or greater.

11:32 PM [soonerfan62] Guys we are hours from the end of this very exciting ride. I have really enjoyed working endless hours trying to keep everyone updated for the last 7 months that I have been providing intel. I love all the guys and gal that I have spent thousands of hours working with 7 days a week to bring you the best we can bring. There are intel providers that have been on this ride for years that deserve to be able to call this and I will respect that.

We are at the absolute end of this long ride and just know that you are one of very few that God has chosen for a reason, He knows that you will pay it forward for the ones that weren’t chosen and you will have the power to change many lives. With that said with a tear in my eye, luv ya guys and I really appreciate all the support and Mods I simple don’t have the word to

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