Soonerfan62 Chat – Intel4U 5-4-12

[soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, I promised to come back in for chat for while tonight, so here I am. I will tell you what I can, OKIE has been on the road today and still is.

He still cannot make “The Post” but real soon according to not only him, but many of us with the wonderful news that we have received today. Guys I know you guys are tired of hearing ASN, AMN, tonight, early am, tomorrow ETC. Think we’re not.

I have been on the phone non-stop since last post with most of our team and all is very excited and upbeat. Everything good in Iraq, everything good in China and everything good in USA.

Guys whether you want to believe it or not (to tired to argue) we are there. Minutes, hours, day but not weeks. I would suggest all of you to get some sleep tonight and have a plan for tomorrow. I will now stay and chat for a while, had a great time last night just chatting

precious] iqdgranny] soonerfan62 Is it real this time? Please, oh please!!!
soonerfan62] iqdgranny As real as it gets

[tc0043] soonerfan62 So is tomorrow our day ??
[soonerfan62] tc0043 Could very well be

[2bblessed] hawaii50 – bummer. Sooner said they will mention Hawaii banks after it RV’s.

[wisegrysqrl1] soonerfan62 is it true all is holding back for Okie to make the Call on the RV?

[soonerfan62] wisegrysqrl1 No he doesn’t care who calls it, he, IMO deserves to call it

12:07 AM [mkmrmny] lgtennis Even us lurkers really missed your sweet spirit
12:07 AM [soonerfan62] marshww 🙂

12:07 AM [2bblessed] lgtennis – yeah. what’s your take on how close we are? In your words dear –

12:07 AM [soonerfan62] tc0043 Could very well be
12:08 AM [misskitty05] soonerfan62 are we still going to have 8 days to cash out at the high rate?

12:09 AM [hawaii50] Soonerfan62 we have a flight tomorrow morning. Think we should cancel??

12:10 AM [tc0043] soonerfan62 ty so we`re now good to go, no more delays?

12:10 AM [soonerfan62] hawaii50 Where you going?
12:10 AM [feda] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 lgtennis

12:10 AM [klee123] sooner, please, could it possibly happen for us tomorrow??
12:10 AM [2Bmore] soonerfan62 so what R u guys going to do with out the rush of the chase for RV info…………….gonna be a big withdrawl

12:10 AM [2bblessed] soonerfan62 – do you know of banks in Hawaii we could cash-out rather than flying to the mainland???

12:10 AM [blueblaze1962] soonerfan62 Did the additions of the new banks create any “testing” issues???

12:10 AM [justaguy] soonerfan62 When this is over are you going to put a couple .45 slugs in your phone?

12:11 AM [soonerfan62] tc0043 I( believe so, yes
12:11 AM [klee123] sooner, could it happen for us tomorrow??
12:11 AM [soonerfan62] 2bblessed Will be announced when released

12:11 AM [fantasia] soonerfan62 are you saying that your name is Robert?

12:11 AM [tc0043] soonerfan62 ty I`m sooooooo ready woohoo

12:11 AM [kazorlando] everyone….just read recaps and it is still tick, tick, tick!! Just got back from a Tom Petty Concert here in Orlando….AWESOME show…..a Fl bay back in the state.

12:11 AM [2bblessed] soonerfan62 – ok thanks

12:11 AM [hawaii50] We are on the mainland to cash in. Didn’t happen. Flying back tomorrow…sad. yes. Fly

12:12 AM [soonerfan62] blueblaze1962 Yes but OK all systems go

2:12 AM [soonerfan62] fantasia Yep

12:12 AM [hawaii50] Or no, don’t fly
12:12 AM [2bblessed] justaguy – post rv he’s going to rip that right out of his ear…all done.

12:12 AM [businessasusual] Soonerfan62……. Will this Cinco de Mayo be our most memorable ever?

12:12 AM [soonerfan62] businessasusual Yep
12:12 AM [fantasia] Great got it soonerfan62 Thanks!

12:12 AM [kazorlando] daniandquin Thanks….it was nice to be rockin out and not thinking out this crazy DINAR!!

12:12 AM [blueblaze1962] soonerfan62 Thank you for that answer…that makes the waiting here today Very worth the time!!!!

12:12 AM [klee123] its rude to ignore my question….

12:13 AM [2bblessed] hawaii50 – bummer. Sooner said they will mention Hawaii banks after it RV’s.

12:13 AM [zbesta] would we be able to exchange on Saturday?

12:13 AM [nutzo] klee123 patience, he cant see all the questions asked of him
12:13 AM [purplepenguinjen] klee123 it was already answered… yes, it’s possible, not guarantees

12:13 AM [txtrkrwife] daniandquin have never been mis informed by anyone like this before. the games and secrets are making my want to drink a fifth of vodka

12:13 AM [Caramina] klee123 you have to click a persons name for it to show up in red on their screen and be seen easily, perhaps he missed it

12:14 AM [hawaii50] Hawaii banks mail away.

12:14 AM [meggie55] Soonerfan62 I appreciate you keeping us updated on what you can. You took the time from your busy day to look after us. Thank you so much

12:14 AM [soonerfan62] meggie55 YVW
12:14 AM [businessasusual] broncofan…. If it RV’s by then, that will probably be the case.
12:14 AM [jawjaboy] blueblaze1962 I looove cinco de Mayo!

12:14 AM [Blessedtwo] soonerfan62- I have wondered today, why we were notified so far ahead ,making this sucha painful 2 days wait for so many

12:14 AM [misskitty05] hawaii50 what time’s your flight? Maybe U should stay longer
12:14 AM [linzb985] Soonerfan are you hearing any info on rates?

12:15 AM [klee123] at least you other nice people answered (didnt miss the question) thank you kindly

12:15 AM [comeonrv] soonerfan62 Thank you for telling us SOMETHING. This waiting all day is sure hard. I’ll rest easier tonight. Ready for an RV.

12:15 AM [iqdgranny] you guys do realize that May 5th is world liberation day. really good timing!

12:15 AM [aceman] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 is okie traveling to texas?

12:15 AM [tessa] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 you like ams or pms

12:15 AM [soonerfan62] Blessedtwo You we’re notified 2 years ago
12:15 AM [toolfan] soonerfan62 Are we kickin a field goal in overtime for the RV TY Sir
12:15 AM [2bblessed] hawaii50 – stay over the weekend if you can.

12:15 AM [wisegrysqrl1] soonerfan62 is it true all is holding back for Okie to make the Call on the RV?

12:15 AM [hawaii50] Most Hawaii folks flying. Flight 8:50 am
12:15 AM [soonerfan62] aceman No comment
12:16 AM [aceman] ty

12:16 AM [dinarmac] why would okie say he has great intell and then not tell us “the post”
12:16 AM [soonerfan62] tessa ams

12:16 AM [RealityChick] soonerfan62 Any truth to the system-wide bank reboot going on now? Thanks!

12:16 AM [Contractor] Soonerfan been out all day, guess we are ready to rumble I mean RV lol…. Ty for for endurance & patience 🙂

12:16 AM [blueblaze1962] dinarmac He can’t do it til he is given the OK by the powers that be

12:16 AM [heyu288] soonerfan62 there sweety…… since I am Italian and not Latino Can I cashin on Cinco de Mayo?

12:17 AM [linzb985] Soonerfan are you hearing any info on rates?
12:17 AM [soonerfan62] wisegrysqrl1 No he doesn’t care who calls it, he, IMO deserves to call it

12:17 AM [hawaii50] Taking a vote: we fly back, or stay?
12:17 AM [klee123] linz; he wont answer you…

12:17 AM [lgtennis] soonerfan62 amen
12:17 AM [presley] soonerfan62 Amen
12:17 AM [wisegrysqrl1] soonerfan62 I agree

2:17 AM [heyu288] lgtennis

12:17 AM [soonerfan62] RealityChick Good info, I am impressed
12:17 AM [comeonrv] hawaii50 fly

12:17 AM [zbesta] sooner.. are we reaching a point of no return? no delays? get it done now!?

12:18 AM [misskitty05] hawaii50 stay

2:18 AM [purplepenguinjen] hawaii50 follow your original plans as if the RV will never happen, and make changes to the plan when it does

12:18 AM [soonerfan62] heyu288 Sure why not

12:19 AM [comeonrv] soonerfan62 All day to think. Thought was it RV’s tonight so Iraq can announce in morning prayers in the morning, their Friday and we get to go to the bank, dancing all the way…ALL of us.

12:19 AM [misskitty05] hawaii50 he said he likes am’s not pm’s .. can you get a later flight if it doesn’t happen?

12:19 AM [dinarmac] panzer no new info
12:19 AM [1dutch] When it happens tomorrow, you can afford to fly back

12:19 AM [honeybelle] lgtennis do you back up sooner info?
12:19 AM [RealityChick] soonerfan62

12:19 AM [soonerfan62] mstxstar We are
12:19 AM [lgtennis] honeybelle yes

12:19 AM [robert] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 looking out for everyone!

12:19 AM [DrRod] soonerfan62 thank you for your outstanding efforts

12:19 AM [sono] soonerfan62 Do we need to get ready for another weekend? Okay if so, just wondering what your opinion is…thanks.

12:20 AM [forgesasmi] lgtennis soonerfan62 Do you both confirm the bank screens rebooting at all banks that you are aware of?

12:20 AM [soonerfan62] DrRod Not I team

12:20 AM [wisegrysqrl1] soonerfan62 Are we looking at another weekend here maybe?

12:20 AM [misskitty05] soonerfan62 I know you must be exhausted but thank you so much for bringing us this news. We do appreciate your efforts and the efforts of the entire team.

12:21 AM [heyu288] Ok I just drove past my bank it is 12:21 Am and nobodies there 🙁
12:21 AM [soonerfan62] sono Don’t think so

12:21 AM [lgtennis] pray for you all everyday

12:21 AM [hawaii50] Great responses! Best laughs we’be had today! Thank you all!
12:21 AM [sono] soonerfan62 Thank you and God Bless you…

12:21 AM [GJHHONOR] Caramina That is true indeed.
12:21 AM [soonerfan62] forgesasmi Have heard that, yes

12:21 AM [lgtennis] forgesasmi yep
12:21 AM [steveg] soonerfan62 My Congressman wanted to know if the regional banks are now set to assist in the cash-in

12:22 AM [forgesasmi] soonerfan62 lgtennis SWEET!!!!! TY!!! HUGS!!!
12:22 AM [cheeny] soonerfan62 ..Thanks so much for everything! to you, Bear and OKIE!

12:22 AM [telemar59] Soonerfan should I set my alrm for 3:00 Am or 6:00 AM to go to work tomorrow? I normally set it for 6:00 AM.

12:22 AM [kazorlando] I am heading to the beach tomorrow afternoon for the weekend…returning Sunday afternoon. Might now have internet…wow, if this rvs and I don’t know it……yikes!!

12:22 AM [soonerfan62] steveg No clue

12:22 AM [ready4bank] What a long roller coaster ride, I would like to get off the ride now…… Ready4Bank

12:22 AM [soonerfan62] comeonrv Good time yes
12:22 AM [TwtyFn25] ready4bank me too

12:22 AM [Djoni] soonerfan62 should we zzzzzz or drink?

12:23 AM [soonerfan62] telemar59 No get some sleep

12:23 AM [heyu288] 2bblessed I don’t want to make the banks peeps
uncomfortable… So i guess I will stay home and shower in the morning…

12:23 AM [honeybelle] forgesasmi what does that mean?

12:24 AM [forgesasmi] honeybelle all bank screens.. back and front, currency as well went blank.. Log in’s.. passwords all changed. This is huge.

12:24 AM [kazorlando] I am exhausted from a long week but too wired from the Petty concert…and now this stuff about maybe an rv tonight/tomorrow…who can sleep??

12:30 AM [soonerfan62] OK guys bedtime, will be back in am unless I get “The Call” then I will post immediately good night all,

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