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Greetings Peoples Dinar Members,

First of all I do apologize about the confusion of the Ocrush post that was done Sunday night, but had to be removed. I feel like I owe you some sort of explanation as to what happened.

An email was sent to our mods from Ocrush and it got posted in another area. Somehow that information got out and another person created a fake Facebook page posing to be Ocrush and put that email to us on his page. Also the member that quickly posted it on this site somehow by a miracle from God stumbled upon that very Facebook page and decided to post it on our site.

Our process is that all information is reviewed by Ray and I and we can generally confirm it. I did see a member ask how can we do that because most if not all of our sharing usually is not posted until a few days later in the Iraqi media. The answer is very simple, between my many sources and Ray’s many sources we can confirm if accurate or not. In this case we asked to hold off on posting it as I am out of town and Ray was busy with family and furthermore, it is Sunday for us and we set that day aside for our wives and family.

I guess someone felt we were not doing our job fast enough and took it upon ourselves and expedited the process without our knowledge so we had no choice but to remove it for the time being, so that is exactly what we did.

I would like to say that we were able to confirm who did this by reaching out to several high level law enforcement agencies and the legal department of Facebook and was able to gain control of this situation.

FYI, if anyone ever tries this stunt again, make sure you spell OCrush’s first name correctly.

With not much being reported regarding news, this past week, I feel that no news is great news. So, you know the same story, sit back and relay and let it come to you because it is coming.

Now for the best part of this, after Ray and I talked to Ocrush for quite a long time on the phone yesterday, there is so many good things happening behind the scenes and not much of it is being reported by the media.

Here is the post that is redacted from Sunday:

Subject: Very exciting times

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

These are very exciting times!!! The new Iraqi flag has been commissioned:) We were praying so hard to see something on the flag because we believe this is a sign of fresh unity and to move forward. Positive Symbolism is huge new flag, fresh anthem, new money(LD)! The new flag has four colors. Green, White, Black and a Red Star:)) I am stoked!!!!! Now they need to make the flags and distribute them. When this is done the committee will approve the release and announce it As Official

Ok……Now there is a new timeline. Are you ready!! On the 21st of March we have the UNSC meeting. The Kuwait’s agreed to contribute money to the displaced Iraqi’s at the border, so they can built new homes (AWESOME:)

The Kuwaiti PM and some of his officials inspected the border and were satisfied with it and offered the money to the displaced. They just need to complete about 300 meters of border…..already in progress

Now….the 2013 budget has been approved by the deputy minister of finance and committee (10 days, right on the mark the law allows) to the presidency. Now the presidency has 15 days to approve it and place it in the gazette. 15 days is what the law allows, changed or not, it will be placed in the gazette. Sooooo….the last day for this to happen is April 1st ) We also heard that parliament may be postponing there sessions till the 26th of March but also believe the are still there meeting and passing laws. Many of you, I am sure, are upset if in fact this is true…..BUTT DONT BE!! THIS IS AWESOME!

They know they have to get laws passed as close to the official release of the budget (gazette) so they can place these laws that they pass in the gazette together. They are all related. Just like the pay scale law that is attached to the budget. I emailed the proof on that. They are all interconnected.

Look at the official parliamentary session that will take place on the 26th of March. The laws that are to be voted in and made me excited are…..Antiquities Law;) and LOOK Mesopotamian Printing law (bank) that IS attached to the Ministry of Education. This vote that will take place on the 26th is to separate this law from the Ministry of Education and fall under its proper Ministry Finance (and CBI). They couldn’t do this until Issawi (the former minister of finance was out) he was corrupted so they had the ministry of education take care of the printing law:))

Soooo in conclusion……GET READY! We are all excited for you! TEAM WORK AT ITS BEST!!!

PS: Please do not go buy more Dinar and not pay your bills. Nothing I MEAN NOTHING IS 100% EVER! We report what we know are facts but just because we see the facts after we report, does not mean we know for sure…it is the Iraqis and powers within that know the outcome 100%


SteveI: In sharing a bit more, we are being told that wages being paid April 1st will be in the new rate and they are already preparing them and trying to explain to them in advance so they will not panic when it happens.

Here is another bit is good news in print coming out of Iraq:

Economic parliamentary: Launch the budget early next week

March 21, 2013

Committee announced economic parliamentary Thursday that this weekend will be the date for the launch of the financial budget for this year, noting that the delay came for technical reasons, said committee member MP Abdul Hussein Abtan told “Nahrain News” that “the financial budget is still in the Office of the Presidency of the Republic for approval to be published into law in force in the Official Gazette of Iraq and the launch of the implementation early next week,

“he said Abtan that” delay launch budget came for technical reasons and procedural fact that the law provides for passing rings and phases such as launch of the exchange and by forest official “The House of Representatives approved the financial budget after labor Asir on the seventh of this March after the Alliance coalition of state law with the National Alliance and the Sadrists and some deputies of the Iraqi List, away from the Kurdish lawmakers who are still objecting to some details dues foreign companies operating in the field of oil in the region.”

We feel that this should not go if any but a few days into April. Too many things are lining up to cause further delays.

Another bit if information, I was able to confirm for a fact that the Treasury personal is in fact still in Iraq located in the Embassy and the CBI which I believe this to be very positive.

So I hope this helps and again, I do apologize for the posting earlier this week. We as a team have put together new measures to ensure our wonderful members that this will not happen again.

So you know the story, sit back and relax and let it come to you as it is now there. Let’s also finish this together. Remember, I feel this will not go much in to April at the latest. If we start to hear something different, I will for sure post and share what we are hearing.

Have a great and Happy Easter Holiday to all.

Thank you all for your understanding and let’s finish this together and with pride and in style. We working very hard for yet another great update coming your way.

Blessings, Steve

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