SteveI and Ray Update 6-21-13

iraqi parlimentSager, on 21 Jun 2013 – 1:24 PM, said: Desertdog (Ray) just posted this in another thread!

“Everyone just needs to remain calm and cool. This is about to happen, finally, and we just need to wait. Parliament even met today, Friday, and voted on the basket of laws. Remember, Friday is their holy day. So that should show you that they are intending to get all the laws passed before June 27. Just hang in there a little longer. Blessings, Ray”

[jeffusa] SteveI do you have an opinion as to how long after the release of chapt 7

[SteveI] after the formal release of Chaper 7, you will see the new value within 72 hours.

[SteveI] or sooner

[SteveI] we have a for sure fact on this one. No more questions!!!

elise03, on 21 Jun 2013 – 2:34 PM, said: So,putting all of the bits of information together, we should see the RV on or around July 1?


Chap VII to be released on or before Thursday, June 27 (per numerous articles). It will be 3 days or less (confirmed fact by Steve) until the RV is announced after the release from Chap VII. Is there anything else?

If this is the only pending issue and it’s really true, holy crap, what a 4th of July my family is going to have!!!!!

Hstrymknwmn: I have a question for someone….. from my understanding, it will just “pop” in the exchange; but, I am assuming it will be such a huge change it will make news….but, only after it has RV’d. Am I thinking correctly?

Montgo: That would be correct. Nobody is going to say what and when they are going to do …otherwise speculators would jump on it before it happens!

It will just show on the site of the CBI ( all of a sudden.

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