SteveI at Peoples Dinar Update 1-25-13

First of all I apologize about the loss of posts and being down again.

This time it was failing hardware in which should not have happened, but did. Everything appears to be running ok but may get a few bumps here and there.

I did talk to a few of my contacts and I am being told that all is on track and going as planned. Yes there has been a delay on the final vote for the amended budget of 2013.

I still believe by the end of this month for sure. If not, shortly thereafter, but I do not see it going very long into February. They are flat out of money and need the budget opened and implemented.

I am still being told that they are out of Chapter VII and Iraq will make the announcement very soon.

I do not think all of the laws and new transactions would be taking place if this was not a fact.

I have ready many great articles and it seem to be crunch time now to wrap things up and move forward.

Many other forums are echoing the very same thing and they also feel by the 31st of this month. I do feel the same way. I am excited however I have seen things change at the last minute delaying the inevitable. This will happen making this the best investment I have ever seen, also the most stressful.

Again, sorry for the down time but things happen and I certainly did not enjoy this repair. Not only did that server host these forums, but it also was the main server for the interface for the order manager for my wife’s business.

All is running smoothly now and I hope to see you all very soon.

Thanks for the confidence not only in myself, but our great team here at PD. I also finally got the forums to the newest release 3.4.2. There are some very nice features.

God Bless you all.


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