SteveI Hopes The Dinar Won’t Lay An Egg 3-22-13

dinar-rv-easter-eggMax says, “Amen to that! I love Easter, however I’m not crazy about eggs. What’s the deal with eggs anyway at Easter?”

Platinumroof said: I am trying to find out if Talabani can, might or will jam a hammer in the gears of the budget process. I know that if he does nothing it passes but I would like to know the alternatives that exist that have the ability to carry the budget process right into April……Thanks!!

The Shoe, on 21 Mar 2013 – 21:39, said: He cannot and will not.

SteveI said:I totally agree. This country is moving on and very quickly. I really do expect this before Easter. I feel so good about this, more so than any other time. Finally on track. Blessings, Steve

Some questions arose from above bold statement from “The Shoe” post and below is Steve‚Äôs response:

This forums is an opinion forum last time I looked. I am sorry, but what is there to prove? There is no contest here, just a place where we can all share our opinion right or wrong without being bashed like the other forums do.

This is all good and I personally think this member is accurate. From what our sources are saying and we have the best in the world, if this goes past April 15th, I personally do not see it happening this year.

However, with the new rate in the budget and it will be revealed very soon despite what others think. Our sources just have too much confidence in the direction this is going. We are reporting and sharing what we are being told and so far, it has been pretty darn accurate. Missed a few days here and there, but spot on other than that.

There is no doubt in my mind (at this time) where this is going and when. Me personally I feel before Easter. I am not declaring this as the official date because all of the other so called experts are doing a fine job doing that ongoing quest for being first.

I will say this again for the new members, I could give a (hoot) with being first and quite frankly do not want to be first, we just do not want to be wrong. The true winners of this are the Iraqi Citizens, not you and I.

We just happen to benefit when this is done by putting our faith and efforts into investing in this country. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, I ask that we all just relax (easier said then done) and let them wrap things up and then we can start the next chapter of our lives.

One more thing, I do not want to see any negatives to anyone for expressing an opinion. We are all in this together and we will finish this together next week.

God Bless and Happy Easter! Blessings, Steve

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